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The Top Social Media Management Tools on The Market
The Top Social Media Management Tools on The Market

As the new innovative and disruptive technology continues to the rock the world of digital, more and more social media networks are continuing to enter the online marketplace. And, this can sometimes feel a little bit overwhelming for those who are trying to manage their business social media accounts or those who work in social media for a living. Thankfully there are many different social media management tools that are there to use to make this easier. It is just a case of knowing which ones the best and which ones are right for you. If you find this article insightful and would like to find out more, then we recommend this blog post by Revive.Digital for further reading. They go into depth throughout and provide a lot of resourceful information. 

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the fastest growing social media management tools that is out there. It is also one of the very few that provides users with a customer relationship management system. Businesses find this element of the tool highly valuable because it helps them serve and manage their customers better and hence build better and more loyal relationships. 


Hootsuite is the most popular and used social media management tool that is out there. And there is a good reason for this, as it is an all-in-one management platform where you can schedule content, set up paid social media advertising and measure your return on investment all in one. 


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Sendible is a management tool that has been designed and developed for digital marketing agencies that manage multiple clients at the same time. One of the unique selling points that Sendible has is that you can customise your dashboard with your business’s branding which in turn can help attract


Unlike, the other social media management tools that we have discussed during this article, Tailwind is designed for Pinterest and Instagram only. This tool also has a really handy feature where it makes recommendations to improve your Pinterest and Instagram performance in real-time. 


What makes eClincher different from other social media management tools is that it allows you to automatically post content with RSS feeds and smart queues. And, if you are looking to for a tool that also allows you to search for social media influencers, then this tool is the one for you. 


Buffer is one of the most user-friendly social media management tools out there on the market due to how streamlined it is. It’s an incredibly easy tool to use and even those with minimal social media experience and training will be able to effectively use it. 


CoSchedule is so much more than just social media management; it’s a comprehensive marketing calendar where you manage many different aspects of your broader digital marketing strategy. One convenient thing with CoSchedule is that you can collaborate with other people on the dashboard and manage your content as a team. This tool is brilliant for those who want all of their projects in one single place. 


HubSpot’s social media management tools form part of their all-in-one marketing software, which is unfortunately really expensive. However, as the tool integrates all of your marketing efforts into a straightforward dashboard, it’s extremely easy to use together with being a brilliant tool for comparing results across all of your digital marketing activity.


Lastly, Socialbakers is the “go to” social media management tool if you are looking for a centralised hub for all of your content. It is also one of the first tools available on the market that runs on AI. Another great feature on Socialbakers is that it allows you to understand what users are saying about your brand and what the sentiment of their messages are. By using this feature means that you can discover who your brand advocates are and use them to your competitive advantage.

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