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Top 3 Simple Online Steps to Turn Fun Into Funds
Top 3 Simple Online Steps to Turn Fun Into Funds
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We’ve all been there. You pick up a little hobby. To begin with, you’re not very good at it, but it’s fun, so you practice. First, a little. Then some more. 

Soon you become really good at it. People start to ask where you got something from and are surprised to find out that you actually made it. Slowly you begin to get asked how much you would charge to make them something like that.

It’s at this point you should consider getting paid for doing something you enjoy. Let’s look into how easy it is with a few online tips to get you there.

Have Online Presence

Probably one of the first things you’ll need is to get online. With so many social media platforms offering a free online presence, it’s tempting to open a few accounts and leaving it at that. Don’t. 

Go that extra mile and register a domain name. There are many cheap options. It gives your potential customers a bit more confidence to see a standalone website. Plus you can have it looking exactly how you want it. Once you have thought of a cool name and registered it, you should consider maintenance services for business website

When first starting out it’s best to get as much help as possible. Getting someone else to check your website daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly will leave more time to focus on other things, such as building your audience.

Follow Me

Sure it’s nice to get your friends’ support, but at the end of the day, you’ll need an actual audience. 

To do that you’ll need the big social media players; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. There are a few others you could consider too. Get them all and link them to your website. You could help to save some time by using a social media management platform like Hootsuite to post regularly. 

Growing your audience means you can reach more potential customers. Social media is perfect for this. 

Make your website and all your social media accounts engaging. Ask followers questions. Get them to take part in polls. Make people enjoy your product as much you as enjoy making them.


So everyone knows about your product now due to your entertaining posts. Now to get paid. This is easily done, even if you wouldn’t class yourself as being very technical.

Formally registering your company is the next step. It may not sound like such fun compared to everything else, but it does mean you won’t be liable for what happens to your business. This will protect your personal assets.

While on the subject of essential things, you also need a sales tax ID. Your state’s Department of Revenue website will provide all the info you need.


Once you have done these three steps, who knows where it could lead. Yesterday a fun past time, today an online shop, and maybe tomorrow an actual store. 

Wherever you end up, don’t forget to enjoy doing it as that’s what got you started in the first place.

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