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Unconventional Jobs For Millennials
Unconventional Jobs For Millennials

Thanks to technology, there are plenty of jobs for millennials who are looking to earn money through the internet. Older people may think that these aren’t “real jobs”, but in reality, you could make a good living out of it! 

Some of these jobs require special skills, while others can be performed by anyone. Now, let’s take a look at some opportunities for millennials!

Instagram Modeling

Having an Instagram following is essential if you want to succeed in the modeling world. Many models got to the most famous runways by starting out on Instagram! 

Of course, you need the look of a high fashion model, although these standards are changing. Having a structured face and a tall body is a requirement to get noticed in this platform. 

Getting followers may seem hard at first, so many people prefer to buy Instagram followers. Others prefer to gain them by getting featured on different pages with the same niche. Being an Instagram model can open up many doors into the fashion world, and it can lead to getting sponsored by significant brands. 


Being a YouTuber, a hard job that anyone can do. Of course, you may need some skills in editing or in time management. Prepare a set for filming, download editing software, and start rolling with your best camera! 

Starting into this business is complicated because the platform is overcrowded with people with the same dream; to become a famous YouTuber. 

But, remember that you can achieve anything if you’re constant. Upload videos regularly, and try to always improve your equipment. 

Translation Jobs 

If you’re bilingual or know several languages, you can work online as a translator! It’s not only about translating a conversation; but you can also translate movies, TV shows, series, or anything that comes in a foreign language. 

Another option is working with a company that makes subtitles. This is a high-paying job, and it’s somewhat easy if you’re fluent in that specific language. 

Start an Online Company

Building a physical store is something from the past. Most people these days prefer to shop online. If you don’t want to risk your money by starting a company, you may want to use other websites to sell your products

For example, many people use Etsy as a platform to sell handmade products such as necklaces, mugs, earring, or anything that your talented in making! 


With the latest cameras on the market, you can start taking photos and posting them on your social media. Start a business in the photography field by getting recognition on social media. 

You can find many opportunities on Instagram or any other photography-based platform. For example, some other photographer may ask you to collaborate or simply ask for advice. There are even some websites that offer good money for high-quality pictures! 

Final Words 

The internet has brought many unconventional jobs for those millennials who want to make good money through the internet. 

Current jobs may disappear in the future, and some even say that GenZ’s jobs don’t even exist yet! Research about online jobs, and apply for some that you’re passionate about.  

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