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Using Social Media to Promote Giving
Using Social Media to Promote Giving

Social media is an excellent way of not only promoting charitable giving; but also of transforming the way philanthropy is viewed. According to communications professional Josh Nass, the proper way to give is nonexistent. In other words, it is really something open to both interpretation and creativity. That subjectivity has been capitalized on in recent years, through the advent of all sorts of digital tools that have streamlined the process.

We’ve seen charity campaign platforms that have been developed over time that have sought to revolutionize the way people give charity. Indeed the advent of the internet has helped mobilize coalitions representing diverse backgrounds of people who are giving money to worthy causes that they are passionate about.

From a social media standpoint, Josh Nass believes this is a trend that will only accelerate with time. Ultimately, there’s little doubt it is having a wonderfully constructive effect of making philanthropy more available to people of all backgrounds.

The magnitude or sizes of donations that people contribute is of little material significance. It is the act of benevolence itself, that has and deserves to be recognized. As giving becomes more available to people of all persuasions and backgrounds, philanthropy itself will be redefined for the better.

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