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How To Get More Followers on Instagram?
How To Get More Followers on Instagram?

Are you striving to find the best way to get more followers on Instagram? This guide is for you! Without wasting any of your time, let’s get straight into the discussion. 

  • Use your voice

If you have been using your Instagram feed for posting casual things, you might be doing it wrong for a whole while. It’s time to switch it up! What you can do is, change the nature of content that you have been posting to date. Use a different tone in your captions. Make sure you pay attention to the analytics on what your audience wishes to see. Once you identify the content, you can voice on it and post more of it to retain your followers.

  • Make use of Instagram Reels

If you don’t follow Instagram Reels in 2021 to grow your Instagram, you are missing an opportunity. Similar to TikTok, Instagram Reels have high chances of going viral. This can be a high game changer. If you share your reel to your explore page and feed, you can gain a considerable number of followers incredibly. Besides, you can go viral as well. Use Instagram Reels creatively for your business in a variety of ways. As it is a new feature, people will be more excited to engage in your feed and page if you post exciting reels.  

  • Look through your Instagram keenly

Take a look at your Instagram and see if something is missing. Does it look good? Is it cohesive? Make sure each of the pictures you post, looks good and stays related to your brand. Make sure your Instagram highlights are set up well and your bio stays updated with links, hashtags, etc., so that the audience can reach more of your content, brand, business, or website. 

  • Find influencers and interact with them

Identify some top influencers in your area and follow them. Keep a check on what they are offering and posting. Look for what they express in their captions. Join in with the conversation. Your audience grows as you interact with more people and follow them on social media. If you connect with them in the comments and get a reply, you can gain a new follower!

  • Publish your content timely

 One best way to get consistent followers is to post or publish your content timely. Staying consistent with current events and pop culture, industry news, etc., you can help your account to boost your interactions even more with your Instagram account. Keep a thorough check on what is coming and trending so that you can leverage your page with it. Look for if a meme is getting viral, and then try to personalize it for fitting it in your brand. Write a blog or article by giving it your spin and promoting it on each of your social media platforms. When you post continuously, your audience sees you more. Follow Instagram algorithm. Hence, there are high chances of people to follow you when they find a user post constantly and are active. 

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  • Try being honest

This is a vital point. Never try to fake your Instagram account. It’s completely alright if you want to post something different from the rest of the crowd. Never be afraid to post anything authentic. Create content that you wish to and highlight the quirks of your brand. Use your Instagram story tool to show that your company has a unique touch and personality. Being honest is highly vital in the fake world today. When people find you are being honest and promoting happiness and positivity, you can gain many followers effortlessly.

  • Do not follow for follow

It might be tempting but don’t do it. For building a good audience, it is essential to follow an engaging audience. Building a good audience is not something that requires much patience or time. If you have a social media platform, never do this. Following others just because they are following you is not going to bring you what you want.  Followers are earned, and if you don’t find someone making the best use of their social media, do not follow. 

  • Promote your Instagram on your other platforms

If you have a good number of followers on any other social platform, ensure that those followers follow you on Instagram as well. It is your work to drive the audience to your Instagram account by promoting your account and channels. Several other cross-platform promotions include linking your Instagram account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to be available on all three sites.

  • Attaching your Instagram account to your bio space in other of your social media sites 
  • Attaching links to your Instagram account in your email 


This guide speaks about how to get more followers on Instagram. Hopefully, if you follow all these tricks, you can increase your Instagram followers effortlessly! 

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