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What Are the Top Advantages of Using Notiv?
What Are the Top Advantages of Using Notiv?

If you are using Zoom for meetings with your colleagues, clients, higher-ups, teams, family, or anyone, you will know at a certain point that you will need to record what you’ve discussed with them.

Many groups and individuals have considered the use of a note-taking tool like Notiv. Some of them have confidently vouched that they are getting better meetings with the help of Notiv Note takers.

While it might be a new thing for you, let’s consider a little bit about the burdens that must be sustained by the human Note taker. Perhaps you’ve been there too and it is highly challenging to follow up such huge numbers of meetings, conversations, and so on. It is so easy to miss the important key details, especially if every conversation is conducted so quickly by the members of the team.

It is pretty common in many industries that each member of the team can hold a solo meeting a few times a week with their partners or clients. If you are working with different teams, it can be challenging to keep everyone on the right track and make sure that they have common ground.

Running an effective meeting while taking notes is almost impossible for a human note taker. Here is where a sophisticated productivity tool like Notiv comes in to fill the gaps. Let’s find out more about this software.

What is Novitiv?

Notiv is the name of a note-taking tool that utilizes AI and DSP technologies, including NLP and STT-Speech-to-Text. With such incredible combinations, it allows users to easily transcribe and record meeting through various devices, including smartphones, computers, and so on. Since it works automatically, it can effectively replace the role of a human note-taker. The tool will record and transcribe everything that is said in the meetings so that you won’t miss a single thing from the important meeting with your partners and clients.

Why is it fundamental to use Notiv?

We can say that Notiv is as important as other productivity tools in your business process. It is so fundamental that you can’t afford to miss it in your business equation.

Notiv is made by the top experts and masterminds who have years of experience in the technology fields.

For instance, Chris Raethke was the co-founder and CTO of Bugcrowd. He had past experience of working for top brands like Spotify, Twilio, Pinterest, Tesla, Western Union, and so on. You can check out his complete portfolio at his official site, RioTinto.

Iain McCowan has more than 2 decades of experience in various technologies such as digital signal processing, audio signal processing, microphone array, as well as speech to text experience.

Both of them make such an incredible team in Notiv, so it is not surprising to see how their meeting notes software evolves so quickly from time to time.

As proclaimed by the creators of the software, Notiv has been used by many enterprises and businesses in various scales. The friendly pricing is the main driver why this tool has quickly gained recognition globally.

It is necessary to describe the number of market alternatives accessible, why they are so competitive, and what they must do to attain their technical goals.

Notiv, unlike many other solutions, did not aim for broad consumer acceptability and scalability from the start to ensure that the technology genuinely tackles a wide range of user experience concerns.

At first glance, the discoveries in this sector were promising. As a result of this technology, a virtual assistant may join meetings, take notes, summarize events, and respond to queries from participants. Exactly the opposite of what we expected! That is not going to be the case.

In terms of performance, these gadgets were standard fare. During the peak years of AI and STT commercialization, a wave of these businesses emerged. After a few weeks of testing, it was discovered that the items on the market were not what they looked to be.

Meeting transcriptions at the end will be the right place for reviewing. But there’s a takeaway. One will need to be more wise when there are some misused or mispelled words.

Notiv can help you to catch every detail. In the conventional method, you will need to watch or listen to the video a few times before grasping what the speakers said. You will need to listen again and again. It might require rewinding a few times in the process. The conventional method of Audio Transcription is long, tedious, and time-wasting. Rather than focusing on the words for word transcription, you can really make use of Notiv’s features. Using Notiv is more effective and efficient. Users can focus on their core activities while the software conducts accurate transcription for them.

As a result, you can devote more of your critical time to the most important tasks.When running a business, spending your time and resources on something that is not progressive would be the last thing you want to think of. There will be a time to transcribe the meetings. The manual process can take hours to days to finish. It is highly possible for the transcribers to get stressed out with the load of work. It is highly important to use the right software so that the users can focus on their mission and vision. In the long run, users can save a lot of money and time thanks to the best aids from the Notiv ai transcription tool.

The beginning of the Audio Transcription Tool has changed the way businesses process qualitative data. The points of the meetings can be clearly outlined and you can cut to the chase to summarize the results of the meetings.

There’s significant work for the users to conduct before analyzing the qualitative research. There is no need to waste your time trancribing all of the things manually since Notiv has everything ready. You will have access to high-quality text that can make it easier for you to identify the meetings.

Final Thoughts

Notiv has been used by hundreds of companies across the globe. Its excellent reviews and feedback are solid proof that it can be the best option for your business productivity too.

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