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5 Social Media Management Skills Every Manager Should Have
5 Social Media Management Skills Every Manager Should Have

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Social media managers have many jobs. They work as customer service representatives, analysts, and graphic designers. They even work as copywriters and strategists. 

If you are a social media manager yourself, you know that managing these duties needs some skills.  And, these should be in line with traditional and social media marketing. 

So, below are several social media management skills you might like to have up your sleeve: 

1. Communications

Social media is a communication platform. Thus, you need strong communication skills ideal for any audience. It is not only about communicating with customers. You may also have to compile a social listening analysis to present to executives. 

You may also need to write a brief to kick off a creative project. Other times, you’d need to meet with the product team to share feedback. As it is, you should be able to relay ideas to different audiences.

  • Communicating on Social Media Platforms

As the voice of your brand, your communications should not stop at writing. You also have to use stickers, pictures, GIFs, videos, or emojis. This way, you will be able to relay your messages in a clear and interactive manner.

  • Communicating with Teams and Managers

You also have to be able to communicate with other people. These could be collaborators and executives. You may also have to speak to stakeholders about the impact of your work.  

2. Writing

Skilled social media managers should be excellent digital conversationalists and copywriters. As such, you should know how to create concise content. This should elicit emotions from your audience. This can be through witty social banter or through attention-grabbing ad copy.

Writing is also crucial for other things. It will help you make a case for increasing your budget. You can also provide executives with insights into your strategy. 

3. Creativity

Differentiation is one of the primary challenges for brands in social media. Every social media manager wants to create exciting content. But, it takes creativity to develop ideas that stand out from the rest. In this field, creativity is versatile. It helps you:

  • Expand and hone your brand’s personality and voice.
  • Lead productive brainstorms that bring out the team’s best ideas.
  • Focus on every aesthetic detail of a social post, from links and images to formatting of the copy.
  • Make multimedia content that’s appealing to the eyes. 
  • Develop risk-taking, innovative social campaigns.

4. Efficiency and Organization

You can’t execute a social media strategy without knowing how to manage your time. This makes organization and efficiency the two most important social media skills. 

You’ll have to put in place processes, policies, and methods for things to run well. Having a social media calendar is one of the best means to plan and keep content organized.

5. Digital and Traditional Marketing

You should think bigger. You shouldn’t focus only on accomplishing social media marketing goals. Digital marketing is at the intersection of sales, customer experience, and marketing. It’s also the source of much valuable business information. 

So, connecting your social media plan to business and marketing goals will help. It is also best if you know more about traditional marketing approaches. This will help create a social strategy with a considerable business impact. 

Social media management is a career path of lifelong learning. Honing the skills you need for this field will benefit you at every stage of your career. The social media management tips mentioned above can help. If you do well in developing these skills, you are as good as gold in the industry.


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