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Why Articulating Skills Are Crucial
Why Articulating Skills Are Crucial

Why Articulating Skills Are Crucial

Jordan Sudberg knows that being understood by others requires the need to properly articulate what you are saying. He also knows this involves writing. As you create a sentence, it needs to remain at a nice flow where your words will remain both easy to read and capture the reader’s attention.

Knowing how to read and write in your language is only half of comprehending the entire language. Knowing how to speak it can be a total challenge. This is because not many know how to make a clear statement due to the many possible contrasts that can be heard while articulating.

What Makes Articulation So Important

Knowing how to articulate what you want to say involves both ability and intellect. Being viewed as intellectual while articulating is what gets people’s attention. However, many also don’t realize that if they do not articulate themselves well enough, then they will miss many opportunities to advance themselves through their ideas and views. You need to also understand that an accent is not the same as articulation. When an accent is heard it is a conjugation of the words being spoken and articulating involves your ability to express yourself in a clear manner.

It Takes More Than Knowing

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Regardless of how intelligent a person is, communication can still be a struggle. You can easily distinguish an inarticulate individual by hearing them mumble and use terms that are vague in nature. Having this inability to articulate will easily leave an individual frustrated and wanting to leave a person in the dust.

In order to practice good articulation, it is necessary to write down what you plan to speak. Then, you should speak what you wrote in a clear and steady voice. When you feel good about your articulation, your overall communication will improve.

You will notice a lot that a successful individual will be the one who knows how to articulate their ideas in a clear fashion.

The Process of Articulation

1. Express Your Voice

Use a recorder to talk into as you read what you have written down. Then, listen to yourself and how each of your words sound and are being enunciated. Is your speech too fast and unable to be understood by others? If so, then correct the issue after noticing it.

2. Prevent Yourself from Mumbling

We all may come across a word that we are unfamiliar with pronouncing. Jordan Sudberg suggests making an attempt at pronouncing the difficult word´s syllables in a clear fashion. This will alleviate any possible mumbling.

3. Keep Your Message Short and Sweet

Try not to say too much and keep your saying to words and phrases that are simple. Keeping it simple will let everyone understand you clearly and effectively.

4. Keep your Saying Clearly Defined

Don’t allow yourself to go on and on about a detail that no one has interest in. Remain defined in what you want to say and what you describe.


By following the above points, your articulation will improve dramatically throughout your day-to-day life and career.

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