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Jordan Sudberg’s Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet
Jordan Sudberg’s Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Jordan Sudberg’s Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet 

In this fast-paced world, many people find themselves sacrificing a healthy, wholesome diet for foods that are “easy” and “quick.” While it is easy for individuals to fall into that trap, the good news is that with dedication and effort, anyone can maintain a healthy diet that fuels the body and mind.  Jordan Sudberg advocates for a balanced diet to keep the body in robust shape, and there are steps one can take to keep up a sustainable, nutrient-loaded diet. No one is incapable of making the changes needed to thrive, and there is no time like the present for ensuring that a healthy diet is maintained for years to come.

Too many individuals find themselves intending to eat right, but that resolve falls away when they do not have the effective tools to implement those goals. Everyone who seeks to have a healthy diet can use these steps to ensure that they can stick to their sustainable diet goals.

Take Time For a Nutrient-Rich Breakfast

When a person takes the time for a healthy breakfast, they are setting themselves up for a day of well-paced eating. A wholesome breakfast prevents cravings throughout the morning and the rest of the day, and it is an invaluable part of maintaining a healthy diet for life. It’s one thing to try to suppress cravings artificially, but when an appetite is satisfied with a good breakfast, a person can maintain moderation and balance throughout the whole day.

Pack Healthy Lunches For Work

Packing a wholesome lunch at home allows the health-conscious individual to forego the unhealthy fast food meals that are around every corner. Many people have incredibly hectic lives, and they think that they have to choose the less healthy option out of necessity, but with a little forethought and planning, those individuals can prepare wholesome lunches that are significantly better for the body than less health-conscious on-the-go offerings.

Know the Ingredients

Being nutrition-smart means knowing what is going into a meal or snack. Sometimes foods can appear healthy, but in fact be loaded with preservatives, sugars, or unhealthy fats. It can be easy to get hyped about eating wholesome foods when first determining to maintain a healthy diet, but as time goes on, it is easy to slide into familiar foods without checking what’s really in them. Taking the time to check the components in a dish is very worthwhile and a good long-term habit.

Have Sensible Portions

That’s easier said than done for some, but predetermining portions can save a person from the temptation to overeat. Even the most nutritious foods can be detrimental in immoderate portions, so taking the time to portion out those nutritious foods is an invaluable step towards long-term health.

Include More Vegetables In Meals

No one doubts the value of including more vitamin-rich vegetables in one’s diet, but not everyone takes the steps to integrate these foods in their daily meal lineup. The individual who takes the time to incorporate appropriate amounts of vegetables and other whole foods into their diet can reap the significant benefits in their daily life.

Allow For Grace

One reason many people are unsuccessful with keeping up a long-term healthy diet is that when the person succumbs in a moment of weakness to an unhealthy meal or other guilty pleasure, they feel like they have ruined their resolve. In truth, a true healthy and sustainable diet is not something that can be ruined in one bad day. A true healthy diet is a lifelong endeavor, and it is better to shake off stumbling blocks and move forward than it is to bemoan slip ups.

Jordan Sudberg Believes That a Sustainable Healthy Diet Can Be a Game-Changer

New York City native Jordan Sudberg is an expert in Physical and Neuromuscular Medicine, and he trained at both Staten Island University Hospital and North Shore-Long Island Jewish Hospital. He spent time as a research scientist at Harvard University’s Massachusetts General Hospital as well as St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Manhattan. He believes in using a healthy diet to keep the body in prime shape, and that fortunately, with dedication and commitment, a person doesn’t have to be a nutrition expert to have an excellent diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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