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16 Free Content Creation Tools for Digital Marketing in 2018
16 Free Content Creation Tools for Digital Marketing in 2018

Marketers constantly experience the need to create a large number of visual, audio and textual content to realise their own creative capabilities and attract the attention of potential customers. Hence, having a diversified tool set is a prerequisite for addressing the challenges that exist in the present-day business environment. The following list offers the 15 most valuable free content creation tools for digital marketing in 2018.

  1. Infogram is a good choice for new companies seeking high-quality graphs, charts and infographics that cannot afford professional designers. The free tools provided by this platform include 37 chart types and allow users to generate up to 10 three-page projects based on their data.
  2. Crello is a relatively simple tool allowing marketers to quickly create images for social media publications, blogs, banners, advertisements and other forms of digital content. This platform can also adjust the generated visuals for the requirements of different social media platforms and flexibly customise their size and appearance.
  3. Hemingway App is a good way to instantly boost the quality of your textual materials. This ‘virtual editor’ follows the mentality of the great writer by highlighting all cumbersome phrases and offering simpler alternatives to improve readability.
  4. Recite is an ultra-fast way of creating quote images in various styles. This instrument can be invaluable for writing motivational posts or simply citing your favourite historical characters.
  5. Audacity is an audio editing tool used by many industry professionals and enthusiasts to create and edit audio files for presentations, podcasts and other promotional materials.
  6. Headline Analyser allows marketers to generate more engagement and traffic by improving the quality and attractiveness of their headlines for search engines. This instrument analyses your original ideas as well as company names and emails to provide superior results free of charge.
  7. VisMe is a good alternative to professional and expensive presentation software. It has a large amount of templates, is fully compatible with PowerPoint and offers free-of-charge plans for small-time users.
  8. Using the Blog Topic Generator is a good way to overcome creative crises and generate genuine ideas for your new posts. Simply type few keywords and let this system surprise you with new ideas you may never have thought of.
  9. Canva Book Cover Maker is a highly intuitive way of producing professional looking covers for your electronic and physical books, booklets and brochures.
  10. Giphy offers the simplest way to create GIF files for your presentations and other digital materials. Simply drag and drop desired images or videos into its window and enjoy high-quality GIFs.
  11. MemeGenerator is not limited to creating meme materials for entertaining your young audiences. It can also be used to create captions, banners, posters and other graphic materials in a quick and flexible manner.
  12. CloudApp is used by more than 2 million marketers to make quick screen recordings and share them with prospective customers. The cloud platform supporting this technology also makes it attractive for teamwork.
  13. Pixabay is a community-based stock of high-quality photographic materials shared by the platform users. As opposed to many paid resources, this website offers more than $1.3 million of royalty-free images completely free of charge.
  14. Competitor Analysis Generator is a must for your tool set if you are aiming at a business audience. The online generator allows for quickly scanning any industry for competitive pressures and an overall degree of rivalry. This resource is equally useful for creating marketing content and internal marketing reports.
  15. Word2CleanHtml allows you to transform your Word documents into clean HTML without any fuss. It is as simple as dragging the formatted text from your editor and getting a properly prepared HTML document with all tags at a moment’s notice.
  16. Topic Blog Idea Generator takes your keyword and analyzes the current top-performing content in Google. It then takes that data and plugs it into GPT-3 to deliver unique headlines and Description ideas.

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