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4 Basic Tactics for Improving Website Traffic
4 Basic Tactics for Improving Website Traffic

You’ve developed a responsive website that has well-displayed pages. What should you do next? You guessed it right…you should strive to drive more traffic to your site. Indeed, you can generate more sales leads from your website as long as you utilize a few basic proven tactics.

Many people don’t understand the importance of driving more traffic to their website. See, if you’ve droves of traffic visiting your website, your chances of making more sales are usually higher. But it’s sad to realize that many website owners out there don’t know what they should do to drive more visitors to their blogs. No worry, though. Here are some basic tactics you can utilize right away. 

1. Use Trusted Backlinks

You can have another website send visitors to your business platform. Such websites do so by use of backlinks. Yes, backlinks work well. But you need trusted links. Look: if you allow untrusted sources to send do-follow links to your website, your business might be affected negatively.

Make use of the various ways to gain such links which include; creating attractive blogs for other online firms, writing your topnotch content that people will want to be associated with, finding resource page of other websites and you can also offer infographics that other businesses would love to share.

2. Share Website Content Widely on Social Networks

A lot of people around the world are on social media. That fact makes it easy for you to attract many of them to your website. It’s simple. Just create accounts for your website and use them to share your topnotch content links, videos, or even infographics. By doing so, many will be prompted to visit your website to get the full content. See, in social media, you give links and an example of what they’ll get once they visit your site and wait for the results.

3. Be Creative with Cold Emails

In cold emailing, you need to create a good first impression since you’ve never had a relationship with the business or the individual you are reaching out to. Try to be creative so that you may win their attention. Be alluring. Use memes or even animated GIFs. Always go directly to your point. And lastly on this, do not forget to add a relevant image in your follow-up email, but only if you’ve to make a follow-up!

4. Use Popups

You can make use of intent popups to direct visitors to subscribe to your email list. But you don’t need numerous popups in a single page. A single yet creatively designed popup can be ideal. However, remember to allow visitors to get rid of the popup if they are not willing to join. Do not be like those businesses out there who even block visitors until they fill the form that is when they are allowed to go where they wanted.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to skyrocket the number of leads to your website. But it’s always to utilize those that are viable and have been proven to work. If you want to improve traffic, get active and creative on social media, share your content links widely. Create amazing cold emails. Make use of popups. Don’t forget about the use of backlinks; they’re very crucial and effective.

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