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4 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working
4 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working

done right, a good social media strategy can work wonders to
attract a lot of new eyes to your product or service, establish you as a valuable
resource in your industry, and gain lots of visibility to your brand. Used the
wrong way, and you could end up sending thousands of your valuable marketing
dollars on a scattered strategy that tries to hit too many birds with one stone
and fail to attract a solid audience. Still, many businesses try to do some
guesswork or work with someone in-house who doesn’t have any real knowledge of
how to get the right kind of attention through social media when setting up a
strategy. If your social media efforts don’t seem to be getting anywhere, here
are a few possible reasons why.

Your Content isn’t Good or Sticky

a social media strategy to work, it needs a solid content marketing strategy
back of it to work as well. You’re not going to attract people with blatant
advertising on social media. You’re going to have to reel them in by offering
valuable content.

is why you should consider working with a real team who understands content
before you set up any social media strategy. A good SEO services agency
will not only make sure to produce content that will fit your writer’s
expectations and come back for more, but create content that will create
traction with search engines as well. More importantly, they’ll create content
people will want to love and share on social media, generating even more
attention to your content and website.

You’re Checking for the Wrong

lot of people who use social media for their business also tend to look at the
wrong metrics. Sure, followers are important, but they don’t tell the full
picture. For instance, if those followers aren’t translating into leads or
sales, then it would be better to look at where you traffic is coming from, see
who’s converting better, and spend more time targeting this segment of your
audience instead.

Having a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

also important to note that all social media sites aren’t the same, and you
can’t use the same voice and approach on all of them. Posting the exact same message
on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is a
redundant and boring experience for your audience. So try to make things
interesting by using different formats on different platforms. LinkedIn and
Twitter for instance are great for links, while Instagram and Facebook are more
visual and are a better platform for photos and videos.

Making all Posts About Your

is probably the biggest cardinal sin when using social media. While your end
goal is to get attention to your brand, your main goal should
be to contribute to your community, become a resource to them, and have them
come to you. You shouldn’t be using your platform for promotion unless there is
a special occasion, like a new product coming out, a special discount, or some
sort of contest you’re having.

media can be difficult to master, but once you get the hang of it, it can be
one of the most efficient and cost effective tools out there. Make sure that
you refrain from committing any of these mistakes if you want to get the
results you want from your social media strategy.

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