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5 Types of Content that Social Media Users Love
5 Types of Content that Social Media Users Love

One of the biggest challenges businesses face on social media is finding content their audience loves. Audience engagement is a critical component to success, but in a world of information overload, it can be hard to catch and hold your followers’ attention.

Instead of relying on trial and error to find success, try focusing on these five content types – which audiences love.

1. Lists

People still love lists. Why? Because they’re easily digestible. In a world where we barely have time to breathe, lists compact information into a simple, easy-to-scan post. Users can read through the entire article, or they can take the information they need and leave.

Either way, you’re not wasting the user’s time with a list post. They don’t have to skim through walls of text to find the information they want.

As long as people are short on time and attention spans, list posts will always be popular with social media users.

2. Infographics

People love statistics, and they love visual content. Infographics marry the two in an easy-to-digest format. According to ContentDesk, infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than a textual article.

Infographics are also easy to share on social networks, like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

3. Research and Studies

Just like statistics, people love research and studies. They serve as proof to back their claims or beliefs.

Here’s an example of how effective research posts can be on social media. The company Flo, which offers a home EV charging station, shared a post on Facebook showing how much customers can save with an electric car compared to a gas car. That post had more engagement than others and quite a few shares.

People love to share their opinions on studies and research, and they love to share this type of content with their followers.

4. Stories about Social Causes

It’s great to share company news on your social accounts, but sharing stories about social causes, the backstory behind your brand and the things your staff does outside of the office humanizes your brand. Your audience wants to get to know the people behind your brand. These types of posts are one way to do that.

5. Responses to Industry News

What’s happening in your industry? Your audience wants to know how you feel about these changes or breaking news events.

Share your response to news events, and you’re sure to see your user engagement improve. People love to share their opinions; no doubt they will share their opinions about your opinion.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be breaking news either. You can respond to reports, analyses and even updates from industry leaders.

Social media is a vast world with a lot of competition. Make your message count by sharing posts that your audience will love. Social media users love lists, infographics, research, social causes and responses to industry news. They’re more likely to share and comment on these engaging posts, and you’re more likely to grab their attention – a valuable commodity in the business world.

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