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5 Ways to Boost Your Blog with Social Media
5 Ways to Boost Your Blog with Social Media

What if your blog was dead before you hit the “publish” button?

Our blogs are only successful if enough people are reading them. However, poor marketing means you might be missing out on a lot of customers.

Wondering how to get blog followers? Keep reading to learn about five ways to boost your blog with social media!

1. Book Some Face

Facebook remains the gold standard for social media promotion. This is mostly because it is so easy to use.

For instance, you can create a Facebook page for your blog. When people “like” that page, all of their friends share it. Furthermore, people can share your blog posts via this platform.

Facebook also makes it easy for users to send you messages. This can help readers feel more engaged with you as a writer, making them likelier to spread the word and building your brand credibility.

2. Get Her, Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform that embraced a simple rule: “keep it short and simple.”

While the character count has been raised to 280, Twitter messages still tend to be short and sweet. This makes it easier for people to scan your posts.

Also, Twitter is all about hashtags. You can piggyback off of trending tags to promote your blog. Alternately, you can create your own hashtags and hopefully go viral!

3. Going Automated

Most people who use social media for promoting their blog post on multiple platforms. The only way to do this successfully is to get automated.

WordPress and other tools allow you to quickly publish the same post to multiple platforms. And apps such as Tweetdeck allow you to write and schedule tweets in advance. This lets you post multiple times a day without taking all of your time.

Automation also lets you deliberately post at the times your audience is most likely to see the message. This may seem like a small detail, but it is crucial to getting seen.

4. Let’s Get Visual

The verdict is in: Instagram marketing is here to stay. And this is a great way to bring your blog content to life.

If you’re not careful, blogs can seem faceless and lifeless. Readers may not know who you are and will not feel engaged by your words.

However, Instagram lets you share pictures of your life and your personal journey. Once readers feel invested in the writer, they are likelier to become passionate about what you have written.

5. Link It In

LinkedIn is one of the later entries to the world of social media. However, it can be the biggest asset in helping you grow your blog.

At the end of the day, LinkedIn is best at linking people with related networks and individuals. You may be able to use it to find guest bloggers that can grow your business.

You can also use LinkedIn to “keep up” with other bloggers. By understanding your competition, you can make sure your blog offers what they do not.

How to Get Blog Followers: The Bottom Line

Now you know how to get blog followers. But do you know how else to use social media?

At Social Media Explorer, we are all about bringing your blog to life. To learn more hot tricks, check out our tools and tips today!

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