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Don’t Clog the Search Engines With Generic Content – Do This Instead
Don’t Clog the Search Engines With Generic Content – Do This Instead

Content marketing is a crucial aspect of your overall marketing strategy, but cranking out too much generic content clogs the search engines with content nobody wants to read. In the SEO world, publishing large quantities of content is known as content spam. Obtaining quick-ranking wins this way no longer works, but the impulse to do it has been slow to die out.

Instead of publishing mundane content to meet an arbitrary SEO quota, use the following 5 strategies to increase the value of your content:

1. Target your niche with every post

Generic content might get found in the search engines, but your traffic will be more likely to bounce and never come back. Targeted niche content is the only content that will attract and retain loyal visitors. For instance, say you’re a plumber and you publish a guide describing how to maintain several kinds of septic tanks. That’s niche content and interested visitors will expect the rest of your content to be equally niche. If you start publishing generic articles about how to use a plunger and a drain auger, you’ll lose a chunk of readers.

Keep your content on par with your niche. Speak directly to your audience in every post. If you must publish an article on a general topic, find a way to relate that general topic to your audience.

2. Publish content that complements your products or services

Publishing articles about everything related to your subject is a common SEO strategy. The idea is that publishing diverse content will maximize your website’s appearance in the SERPs for a variety of search phrases. This strategy only makes sense to a point. If you have plenty of relevant topics to discuss, it makes sense to write about all of them. However, if your topics don’t complement the use of your products or services, you’re missing the mark.

Write extensive how-to manuals for your customers. Explain the nuances of your products or services. Publish videos showing your product in use. Write in-depth guides about things that complement your product or services. For example, if you sell air filtration systems, tell your customers the benefits of using a humidifier to minimize the amount of dust in their home. Avoid publishing basic information like how to dust. There is a right and a wrong way to dust, but bored readers won’t become loyal visitors.

3. Educate and entertain your readers

Create every piece of content with the intention of entertaining or educating your leads and customers. Teach them something they don’t know. For example, say you sell wood stoves. Tell your customers about little-known uses for ash leftover from their fires. Most people know ash is good for protecting the sides of the wood stove, but they probably don’t know wood ash can be used to make lye, eliminate ants, enrich compost, grow beefy tomatoes, and de-skunk pets.

4. Connect with the identity of your target market

Marketing expert Neil Patel says creating content that connects with the identity of your target market will earn you customer loyalty. Customers are proud to represent brands that represent them. For example, every day people wear branded clothing by choice because their favorite brands represent their identity. Whether it’s athletes wearing Nike or skaters wearing Vans, consumers are proud to represent the brands that represent their identity.

5. Create inspirational content

People want to be inspired – it’s why certain social media influencers have millions of subscribers and tens of thousands of comments on every video. If you aren’t an inspirational social media brand, that’s okay. Just start publishing inspirational content.

Inspiration makes people feel good and awakens them to new possibilities. When you create content that inspires your readers, you’re showing them new possibilities for their life. Connect those new possibilities to your product or service and you’ll start generating more sales. People will connect your product with fulfilling those possibilities.

Create content intentionally

Avoid publishing content to meet a deadline. Instead, slow down and set an intention for every piece of content you create. Speak directly to your audience and inspire your customers. Make content creation about reaching people and you’ll generate a level of loyalty you’ve never seen before.

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