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How You Should Shape Your Content Marketing Approach In Today’s Business Market
How You Should Shape Your Content Marketing Approach In Today’s Business Market

Content marketing has changed immensely over the last decade. There was a time when clickbait titles worked when it came to getting traffic to a particular article. Consumers have caught on to these flashy titles that do not deliver a quality article after being clicked. The need for quality content has been increasing as search engine giants like Google actually penalize companies that have low-quality content. Publishing on irrelevant websites is another aspect that can impact a company’s search engine rankings negatively. The following will cover tips to help you shape the content marketing approach at your business. 

Keep A Consistent Brand Voice

Keeping the brand’s voice consistent will take work as you likely will not be able to source out content writing to a multitude of freelancers. Finding a person in-bouse or a freelancer that can provide a decent amount of content is the best course of action. Staff can even contribute to the company blog or to outside publications to help build their writing portfolio. Your staff might have different skills with one person having web design knowledge and another understanding the intricacies of SEO. 

Never Miss A Good PR Opportunity

There are so many good PR opportunities that a company can leverage. Going green in terms of production is a great example. Even something as simple as implementing a health initiative can be something that can be announced. Consumers want to work with companies that have a culture that they would like to work at. Sponsoring some sort of charity event or being a sponsor for a 5K where money goes to a cause are great examples. Local businesses can win the favor of those around them with the right PR campaign. 

Weekly Content Like A Podcast Can Bring In Consistent Traffic

Weekly content like a podcast can lead to a following depending on your niche. A digital marketing agency that has extensive knowledge can create valuable in-depth content via a podcast. Being able to transcribe these podcasts is also important as it can make them easily searchable by people. The right guests on a podcast can help expand the reach of the podcast. Getting an industry giant to agree to join the podcast can bring in a multitude of leads. 

Create Evergreen Content and Update It Regularly

Evergreen content will be in-depth and should be updated as things change. The web design trends that worked a decade ago might be seen as archaic while others are still relevant. Small tweaks as changes happen can allow a piece of content that has gotten good traffic to be republished. Make sure to promote this via social media and try to get followers to ask questions or engage with the content. You would be surprised as to how many backlinks a resource like this can garner. This can generate hundreds of backlinks and can easily be put as a resource in relevant content. 

Shaping your content marketing strategy will depend on the industry that your business is in. Take time to evaluate your current strategy and modify it where necessary. 

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