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Law Firm Marketing: 3 Essential Tools and Techniques
Law Firm Marketing: 3 Essential Tools and Techniques

All businesses can improve their performance by executing successful marketing strategies but, when it comes to promoting your law firm, a specialist approach is essential. Legal marketing is a niche in its own right but, with the right tools and tactics, you can build your reputation and grow your practice.

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To get started, take a look at these three essential tools and techniques that every law firm should be using in 2021:

1. Video Marketing

The popularity of video content has grown significantly in recent years and users across all demographics regularly view videos online. For lawyers, the opportunity to build rapport with a potential client makes video marketing a powerful tool. 

When you’re producing legal marketing videos, you can increase your ROI by focusing on evergreen topics and maximizing your reach. When you incorporate a video in a landing page, for example, it can increase conversions by a staggering 80%.

Despite this, a recent survey conducted by the American Bar Association showed that only 24% of firms are using video marketing. If you want to outperform your competitors, incorporating video content into your marketing strategy can certainly be an effective way to achieve your goals.

2. Local SEO

As laws vary between states and countries, law firms typically operate as local businesses. Due to this, it’s essential to incorporate a local SEO strategy into your digital marketing. Although 97% of people learn more about local companies online than anywhere else, 40% of small law firms don’t even have a functional website. 

As well as having an engaging site to promote your brand, using local SEO enables you to execute highly targeted marketing campaigns. By targeting a specific geographical area, for example, you can reach users who are actively looking for legal services in a particular town, city, or region. This gives you the opportunity to engage prospective leads who are further down the sales funnel and optimize your conversion rate. 

3.  PPC Ads

Pay-per-click advertising is another way that law firms can implement targeted campaigns, which enables them to engage users from particular locations or from within certain demographics. Not only is PPC advertising highly effective, but it can also be adapted to suit any budget. 

This means that law firms of all sizes can utilize PPC advertising to increase brand awareness and increase client acquisition. For smaller firms that typically invest less time and resources into digital marketing, this makes PPC advertising a valuable tool to enhance a firm’s online presence. 

Integrating Your Legal Digital Marketing

Although there are many tools and techniques that can be used to promote a brand online, some are more suited to the legal industry than others. By using these tools cohesively, law firms and attorneys can create integrated digital marketing campaigns that deliver enhanced results. 

As we move towards an increasingly mobile and digital landscape, it’s vital that law firms embrace online marketing and use it to their advantage. With specialist legal digital marketing, for example, law firms can increase brand awareness, boost their professional reputation and, crucially, increase conversion and acquisition rates. 

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