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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Look To Richart Ruddie for Help Restoring Online Image
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Look To Richart Ruddie for Help Restoring Online Image

All sectors of the global economy have been upended by the far-reaching effects of COVID-19 and global travel hasn’t been spared either. In a bid to restore safe and secure travel across borders, numerous Ministry of Foreign Affairs and tourism boards have turned to PR expert Richart Ruddie to assist in marketing their countries as viable and safe places to visit. 

The decline in tourist numbers and loss of livelihood caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the hospitality industry, with international travel bearing the biggest brunt.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of one of the largest Asian countries contacted entrepreneur and digital marketing expert Richart Ruddie in 2020 to help promote the image of safety in the wave of the pandemic while countries like the USA struggled to maintain a safe image for both it’s residents and visitors. Ruddie was up to the task, he has helped potential travelers know that they can find a safe and well-equipped place that could handle a breakout while also coming up with intriguing ways to promote positive search results for those researching his clients country. 

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Ruddie and his team of profile defenders made sure travelers have all the necessary information about their destination’s safety while also working to stop historical misinformation. Ruddie is a South Florida based entrepreneur who’s founded numerous brand and reputation agencies over the last decade. One of which specializes in these types of creative solutions solving Google Autocomplete issues behind the scenes and promoting results that his clients want to have seen while demoting or deleting fake news articles, false scandal and scam accusations, or other fraudulent search results that his company can potentially delete from search results and social media.

Other countries have since taken notice and have since turned to Ruddie and his reputation company to help build an image of safety, trustworthiness, and attract tourists again. The press is also noticing the European island of Malta covering the story, Munich, Germany, and Irish Central. Germany referred to Ruddie as the “Ray Donovan of the internet” a modern day fixer of search results and a behind the scenes clean up of search results. 

Concerning his success and leadership abilities, Ruddie says, “It was important to ensure that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that I’m working with are adhering to the highest standards to keep their citizens and those visiting as safe as possible.” This, he says, is the key to restoring the broken faith in global travel to major countries.

How Countries Can Attract More Visitors Post Pandemic?

The best way countries can attract more visitors to their countries is through innovation and creativity. Finding new ways to attract travelers that allows them to feel safe and protected will encourage more tourists to reach out.

Honest and transparent communication is also another great way to build trust between countries and potential visitors. The information offered must be true to cement the bond between travelers and the country of their destination.

Ruddie utilizes a unique digital marketing strategy using expert Google marketing techniques. The feature shows pop-ups for clients that rely on the keywords and phrases used. For example, suppose someone wants to visit a country with tropical climates and beaches. In that case, Google Autocomplete will use that as a search basis and bring up solutions like Bora Bora, the Maldives, Hawaii, the Caribbean islands, or any of Ruddie’s clients.

The feature also directs you to articles and journalistic press releases that show the places to visit and what they offer. It also explains why it is safe to visit those countries. In this area, government transparency plays a crucial role. Richart uses his expertise to help turn the countries’ features in their favor. This marketing strategy relies on transparency and bears the truth for tourists to see while highlighting a country’s best features.

Countries should constantly seek to update their health and safety processes to ensure they are on top of the game even if the World Health Organization is slacking something to note that they haven’t updated their travel precautions here since April of 2020. Ruddie’s plan can only help the countries advance if they keep the public safe and aware that traveling is now safe and all the health requirements concerning the pandemic are well taken care of. If the countries are not protecting their visitors and citizens then they don’t become a client. 

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The vision for the well-known digital marketer and entrepreneur is to see leadership at the time when we need it most for countries, government leaders, MOFA, and tourism boards to speak out and inform the public about the hazards and safety of visiting their country. Ruddie who has been in business for over a decade and has made extraordinary steps in the digital marketing space says he’s seen numerous companies come and go who didn’t do right by their clientele and tourism is no different for a country. His straightforward marketing methods help businesses generate positive content and search results that influence where you want to go. You just don’t know it yet. 

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