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Model and Actress Katya Bakat Reaches Out to Help Others
Model and Actress Katya Bakat Reaches Out to Help Others

Katya Bakat’s story began at the age of 14 when she left her home in Russia and started her modeling career. Bakat was an independent self-starter from the very beginning who knew the value of a hard day’s work. She excelled in her modeling career and became associated with multiple brands, including Armani, L’Oreal, and Bulgari Jewelry.

After traveling the world with modeling, Bakat wanted more and dreamed of being on the big screen. She started studying at the Lee Strasberg Film Institute and Theatre. Bakat then relocated from New York to LA to become a method actor. All of the hard work paid off when she landed a lead role in Empire Queen. Her acting career expanded to include roles in Angel Has Fallen, Honeymoon in Paradise, African Mystique, and Shadow Wolves.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, opportunities to the entertainment business began disappearing. Bakat knew others were struggling with mental and physical health being stuck inside. She wanted to take this time to use her wealth of knowledge in nutrition, exercise, and fashion to reach out and inspire others.

On her Website and YouTube Channel, Happy Healthy Fancy, Bakat shares her tips and tricks to stay healthy and happy while discovering your own stylish and trendy fashion personality. While working as a model and actress, Bakat learned some essential keys to a healthy lifestyle. She spent countless hours studying nutrition and nutrients and their relation to a healthy body. Eating clean and sticking to a good diet always gave Bakat the energy she needed to keep up her busy schedule.

Of course, fitness and exercise fell right in line with eating clean and staying healthy. Bakat learned to keep to an exercise routine and morphed into a fitness guru. With more people being stuck inside during the pandemic, she started to develop her YouTube Channel and fitness videos for inspiration while inside. Her videos cover a wide range of practices from meditation, exercise and planking, and stress relief.

However, wellness doesn’t merely start and end with the body. Bakat believes, “To be happy, healthy and complete…you need to find balance in your heart, body, and soul.” If you can find happiness, you can find balance in the other aspects of your life, including health and wellness. 

One way Bakat stays happy is by exploring her love for fashion, and beauty. Being a model has allowed her to explore numerous designs and fashion trends and come into her own style. She loves sharing beauty and fashion secrets, such as Why You Need a Silk Pillowcase.

Bakat all too well knows the pressures that being in the limelight can bring on. She wants to spread the message that each person needs to take the time to figure out what is the right path for their own happiness.  Her message is all about confidence and reconnecting with your inner self to find a happy and balanced life.

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