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Finding a Date Using Social Media? Here are Some Precautions You Can Take
Finding a Date Using Social Media? Here are Some Precautions You Can Take

We’ve all heard stories or even know people who met their spouses on social media, especially online dating apps, and today, they’re in a blissful relationship with them. However, they’re also many people who have met their worst nightmares on these platforms, either by falling into the hands of fraudsters or meeting people who took advantage of them. 

Surprisingly, the use of social media platforms to find love has been on the rise, as over 5 million Australians make use of dating sites. However, popular dating sites do not carry out background checks like a police check on their members. That’s why in the quest to find Mr. or Mrs. Right online, here are some important precautions to take:

While Connecting Online

  • Avoid suspicious profiles

Fake dating accounts should be avoided at all costs. Most of the time, the owners of this account will not fill in their bio, neither will they link their social media accounts. Maybe they’ll upload only one picture. It’s important not to connect with someone with so little information. 

  • Block and report suspicious users

Users that act inappropriately should be blocked. Moreover, users with suspicious behaviors should be blocked and reported. Here are some suspicious behaviors to bear in mind:

  1. Asking for financial help because of personal crises.
  2. Claiming to be a widow with children.
  3. Overly romantic and complimentary too early in the communication.
  4. Asking to contact you outside of the platform.
  5. Claiming to have a high level of education but uses disjointed language or grammar.
  6. Sending harassing or offensive messages. 
  • Do not share personal information

Sharing personal information like work or home address, social security number, bank information, and more, with someone online is a terrible idea. 

  • Carry out a social media check

It’s interesting the amount of information that can be gotten about a person from just a social media check. Checking out their profiles on other platforms gives a clearer picture of their personality.

When Going for a Date

Here are some of the things to bear in mind when going on a date with that person:

  • Video chat before meeting up.

A video chat will help to ensure that the person is whom they claim to be. Moreover, you know exactly whom you’re going with on a date. 

  • Tell a Friend or Family

Never go on a date without telling one of your friends or family members. Send them a screenshot of the date’s profile, the venue, and time. If plans change along the way, promptly update them. This helps to ensure that someone else knows your whereabouts in case something happens. 

  • Meet in Public

Never meet in private for the first few dates. Meet in a place where there are lots of other people around, like a coffee shop or restaurant.

  • Don’t Get Drunk

Stay away from alcohol on your first few dates to avoid getting hungover. This helps to ensure your date doesn’t take advantage of you.

  • Enlist the help of others

If things are beginning to get ugly, enlist the help of the bartender or waiter to create a distraction. Call the police and head home. 

  • Trust your gut

Feel free to end the date anytime you feel uncomfortable. Safety should be your number one priority.

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