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Solve Your Visitors’ Problems To Gain Loyal Fans: 4 Strategies
Solve Your Visitors’ Problems To Gain Loyal Fans: 4 Strategies

One of the best ways to generate a loyal fan base for your website is to create content that solves your visitors’ problems. In general, people won’t read much about a subject unless there’s something in it for them. Sometimes entertaining content is enough to generate repeat visitors, but for most subjects, it’s not enough.

If all you publish are commentaries and opinions on your subject matter, visitors might find a few pages interesting but never return. To generate loyal visitors to your website, start publishing content that helps people solve their problems. Use the following strategies to get started:

1. Find out what problems your visitors want to solve

Do some research to find out what problems your visitors want to solve, and then start publishing solutions. For example, social media accounts are frequently hijacked, regardless of whether the account belongs to an individual or a major corporation. The article titledSome Solutions to Social Media Hijackingspeaks directly to anyone affected by this issue.

While social media hijacking is a problem people face in the digital world, your niche might not be related to digital marketing. Do your best to uncover problems specific to your niche. For instance, say you run a marketing blog specifically for email marketing. You might find out many email marketers struggle to automate the process of segmenting leads, delivering the correct email sequences, and moving leads to new sequences based on their actions. Automation is a complex task, and you can generate loyal visitors by addressing all the problems they encounter.

2. Create article headlines that promise to help solve a problem

You can write the best article in the world, but it’s not worth much if nobody clicks on it. Titles make people click on search engine results, and titles tell people whether they want to keep reading.

Craft your page and/or article headlines to tell readers the content will help them solve a specific problem. Avoid general promises like, Learn To Be Successful With These 6 Steps. Everyone wants to be successful, but a generic title won’t inspire many people to click or keep reading.

It’s important to identify a specific problem in your headline so visitors know the article is exactly what they need. For example, consider the article titled 8 Problems That Could Stop Your Home From Selling (and What to Do About Them) published byGreen Residential. From the title alone, it’s clear who the article is for: people selling their homes. The title also incorporates the promise to help.

Keep in mind, your headlines are promises, and visitors become disappointed when content doesn’t live up to its title. Take extra care to make sure you don’t promise results that are too specific or unfounded.

3. Brainstorm with an insider

Connect with someone well-established inside your niche and brainstorm all the potential breakdowns your visitors might encounter. Not everyone will experience all of the potential breakdowns, but the idea is to produce enough content to provide something for everyone.

4. Provide tips for managing human relationships

Every industry is a service industry, even when there are no customers. If two or more people need to interact in person or online, there’s a relationship that needs to be managed.

Help your visitorsmanage the difficult aspects of their relationships in their niche. While the circumstances will vary between industries, the issues are generally the same: customer disappointment, unmet expectations, fraud, and miscommunications.

For example, plumbers give quotes over the phone for a simple service, but sometimes discover the customer’s pipes need to be replaced and that the service can’t be performed at all. This situation isn’t easy to handle on the spot. Understandably, customers don’t want to be quoted for a $99 service only to be told they need to spend $10,000 on new pipes. They might even get mad or become defensive. An advice blog for plumbers could offer tips for providing quotes in a way that doesn’t lead the customer to believe it’s a concrete price. Such a blog could also offer tips for handling upset customers.

Loyalty is earned gradually by building trust

Generating loyal visitors requires earning their trust first. Earn your visitors’ trust by helping them overcome their biggest challenges. You don’t have to promise to solve all of their problems. That would be impossible. Give them what’s needed to make progress in their life, and when they recognize that progress, they’ll become loyal.

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