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Top 5 Methods to Use When Trying to Promote Your Blog
Top 5 Methods to Use When Trying to Promote Your Blog

Blogs are great for increasing online visibility of a business. However, running a successful blog isn’t easy. There are several things one must do to have a successful blog. The blog posts should not only be crafted to be high-quality, relevant and helpful to the target audience, but they should also be promoted so that the post can get in front of the right people. If the blog post can’t reach the target audience of a business/blogger, there is no point of wasting time crafting high-quality posts.

There are many options marketers can used to promote a blog post. In this article, we’ll highlight the top five methods that can be used to effectively promote a blog.


  • Write Top-Notch Blog Posts


Alex from VM Interactive says content is the most important asset of a blog post. In order to successfully promote a blog, it is important to first craft high-quality posts. Blog posts that are awesome and appeal to the readers will be promoted by the readers themselves as they are likely to share it with their friends and family on social media platforms.

In order to make blogs posts awesome, bloggers can write something on a completely new topic, craft an existing topic in a complete different way or write better quality content on a topic that has already been written by someone else. The idea is to provide value to the readers.

Moreover, the content on blog posts should be search engine optimized. This means that bloggers must write content for both search engine and the people. If the blog post isn’t optimized for search engines, it is less likely to appear in search engine results. Using keywords in the content and other search engine optimization techniques can improve the chances of a blog post being found by people when they search on Google.


  • Expose the Blog Posts on Social Media


Every time a new blog post is published, it should be shared on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn on a business or personal accounts. When a blog post is shared on social media, a business’s social media followers can read the blog post which increases the traffic coming to the blog. If a business doesn’t already have a significant number of followers on social media, they should first grow their social media audience and then share their blog posts with the audience.


  • Guest Blogging


Guest blogging allows one to tap into other blogger’s/business’s audience. If a blogger crafts high-quality content, they can reach out to another business or blogger in their niche and offer to write a guest blog post. Guest blog posts tie back to a blogger’s own blog and the interesting content they publish there. By providing a link back in the ‘Author’s Bio’ of a guest blog post, bloggers can direct more traffic to their blog.

Guest blog posts allow a business to establish its credibility among a new audience and are therefore ideal for promoting blogs.


  • Email Marketing


Marketers often only send emails with product or service offers which is why most subscribers simply ignore their email messages. An ideal way to increase engagement of subscribers with emails and promote a blog at the same time is to send interesting or valuable blog posts to subscribers. A marketer can craft an interesting email subject line that piques the interest of the recipient. If the recipient opens the email and finds the blog posts appealing, they’ll likely visit the blog to read more interesting posts.


  • Reach out to Influencers


Healthy Links recommends bloggers to reach out to influencers for their blog promotion. Influencers who might be interested in sharing the blog content may be found on Twitter or Facebook. Bloggers can reach out to influencers with a Tweet or message and ask them to review their content. Bloggers can establish a relationship with key influencers in their niche who are interested in sharing their content in return for a monetary compensation or some other compensation like a mention in a blog post. Influencers will only share blog posts that are relevant to their audience and written well which takes us back to point number one of this article.

Bloggers who are currently struggling to promote their blog should follow the methods highlighted above to increase traffic to their blog.

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