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How Social Media will leverage Artificial Intelligence in the future
How Social Media will leverage Artificial Intelligence in the future

As a disruptor, Artificial Intelligence has delivered solutions that have transformed routine processes. Artificial Intelligence is unique in that it works in tandem with other pathbreaking technologies and solutions to deliver results that are spellbinding. Social Media is regarded as one of the most powerful channels that drive and will continue to drive engagement metrics of businesses. 81% of people in the United States have a social media profile. This effectively shows the reach of social media. And with more and more individuals getting on to social media, the mind boggling numbers will depend on AI for functioning seamlessly.

Identifying trending topics and user preferences

One of the most powerful methodologies of marketing is ‘just in time’ marketing. A person who has a need for a service or a product will be the easiest to convert into a sale or a client. The challenge is in identifying the need in the individual. With AI atop social media, it is possible for businesses to identify trends and user preferences. A social media share or following of a particular community are indications of user preferences and intent. And this can be achieved at high speed on a real time basis. This means that businesses rely on services of reputed agencies like Scott Keever Marketing to quickly learn of user preferences and pitch in with products and services that stand the highest chances of conversion.

An effective tool to combat fake news

Some of the most powerful tools and technologies often end up being abused. And it is the same with social media. The very nature of social media and its reach makes it a powerful tool, and users are known to abuse the platform by disseminating fake news and news meant to discredit or malign businesses. AI driven social media will help platforms to combat the menace by automatically trawling through feeds and identifying fake news. This can be achieved without the need for manual monitoring or violating the privacy of individuals. Trends offer enough markers for AI to identify fake news, helping platforms to combat it effectively.

AI to discern patterns from demographic data

Demographic data offer good insights to businesses. A particular age group may have a preference for a product or a service. Similarly, users who are a part of some group or community may also have shared preferences for specific products and services. Or the people of a locality may find a service or product more suitable to them due to many reasons. These insights help businesses to opt for targeted marketing efforts by pitching in their services to the individuals who form part of the cohort. AI in social media helps businesses to identify and discern patterns from demographic data.

Image recognition and intervention

In the future, images that are shared on social media will be flagged as inappropriate or flagged as material that require urgent intervention. An individual may be in a dangerous situation and the situation may warrant quick assistance. Social media platforms need to achieve two functions, both of which may be considered as paradoxical. For instance, many governments have enacted laws and regulations for protecting the privacy of individuals. At the same time, there is a demand for social media platforms to be able to use the power of the incredible reach of the platforms to connect with potential buyers. Similarly, there is also a need for social media platforms to identify potentially dangerous conduct. To achieve all of this at high speed, without infringing on the privacy of individuals and to handle the large volumes of social media posts, it would be impossible without AI. Suggested reading: To get up to speed on artificial intelligence and chatbots, follow Avi Ben Ezra on Newstrail | Avi Ben Ezra on Reserachgate

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