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Unique Experiences to Include in Your Schedule Before You Travel to Greenland
Unique Experiences to Include in Your Schedule Before You Travel to Greenland

Greenland is a fascinating holiday destination, with countless areas of astonishing natural beauty, ranging from icy seas and coastlines, the famous fjords and rugged mountains where travellers can spot everything from whales, polar bears and walruses to sea eagles and arctic foxes.

The world’s biggest island is equally charming in the winter, when the Northern Lights dance across the sky, as in the summer, when the expanses of open space are ideal for hiking, boat trips, and panoramic views from the top of the peaks.

This guide, compiled by the Baltic Travel Company, highlights some of the excursions and experiences to prioritise when you travel to Greenland, including those for romantic couples’ holidays and activities that are perfect for children and families.

Must-See Sights for Greenland Summer Holidays

While many people assume that Greenland is a winter destination, it’s also a superb choice for a summer holiday a little less ordinary – particularly if you’re looking for a trip that is the opposite of overcrowded beaches and long queues to see the local landmarks.

Southern Greenland has the warmest, mildest summer weather. The lush green valleys are a world away and offer a great opportunity to switch off your phone and indulge in nature. With an abundance of Viking heritage, the landscape is untouched, with small communities and farms making this an amazing place for outdoor activities in the fresh air.

Some of the most popular adventure sports are widely available in the summer, between May and September, when the days are longer, and you’ll see plenty of warming sunshine.

Try kayaking, hiking, cycling, or even climbing the nearest rock faces, and you’ll see captivating views that don’t exist everywhere else. A boat trip from Nuuk, Ilulissat, or Qaqortoq is a brilliant way to traverse the fjords, keeping your eyes peeled for dolphins, humpback whales, and native sea birds.

We’d also recommend an overnight hiking trip for sporty travellers. There are some wonderful trails around the peaceful town of Narsarsuaq, where you can spend the night under the stars. If your idea of a relaxing break is a little less strenuous, you can also try a glamping experience at a wilderness camp, with all the amenities and touches of luxury thrown in.

Greenland Activities and Cultural Experiences for Couples

Few places in the world are as romantic as Greenland, where the vast spaces and scenery encourage visitors to take a step back and soak everything in. A tour around Qasigiannguit, a fjord to the south of Disko Bay, is an excellent excursion – the fjord is fondly referred to as the capital of whales. Spending your day exploring the fjord and looking out for pods of whales is an incredible experience and one you won’t forget!

We’d also recommend trying one of the hot springs, most of which are in southern Greenland. Uunartoq is a great choice since the natural springs remain invitingly warm throughout the summer—many others are a little too cool due to the polar climate for visitors to enjoy.

Glaciers are another natural phenomenon that every couple should experience. A road trip around the coastline is a fantastic way to learn more about Inuit culture and traditions and visit a number of small towns and harbour villages along the way.

Of course, no romantic break in Greenland would be complete without mentioning the Northern Lights, which are best seen during the winter months between September and April. This world-famous light display is particularly magical over the snowy landscapes, and you can head out to see the lights on a cruise, an overnight wilderness adventure, or from the comfort of a romantic lodge.

Tips on Greenland Holidays for Families With Children

Greenland is characterised by big nature and diverse, rare native species of wildlife, making it a great place for children with an unending sense of adventure and imagination. Qeqertarsuaq, located on Disko Island, is an extraordinary day out. You can take a boat from Ilulissat, which takes about two hours. An alternative is to book a private helicopter tour, especially in the winter or during rough seas.

This small town has a hotel with a restaurant that caters to visitors of all ages, but the island itself is something special; its name translates into the big island, which means a visit here takes you to the largest island within the world’s largest island.

Since the island is volcanic, it remains green most of the year. Various activities include camping, fishing, hiking, mountain biking tours for older children, and kayaking trips.

If your children are keen to see as much as possible, we’d also suggest an air safari with a local guide who can point out all the interesting and remarkable sights along the way – seeing the ice fjords and lakes by air is a memorable experience. Kids also love the opportunity to visit a local horse ranch, meet the rugged Greenlandic ponies, and go on a trek to explore on horseback.

Making the Most of a Christmas Holiday in Greenland

Over the festive season, Greenland turns into a true winter wonderland blanketed by crisp, pristine snow. You can watch for the Northern lights, enjoy dog sledding, and see polar bears, arctic foxes, and muskox—a type of wild oxen that live in Greenland. Dog sledding is a must-try activity, originally a method of transport used to pull hunters out onto the ice when fishing for halibut and other seafood.

Nuuk is a great place to visit at this time of year, when visitors are enchanted by the Christmas spirit, with icicles from every rooftop, traditional orange stars in the windows, and shopping in the markets for delicacies, gifts and crafts.

You’ll be able to join in with carol singing, sample local cookies and sweets, and celebrate New Year’s Eve—which happens twice in some parts of Greenland! In Ilulissat, local people mark the occasion at 10 pm for Denmark and again at midnight.

For any further information about any of the locations, activities, excursions or destinations we’ve mentioned, you are welcome to contact the Baltic Travel Company. You’ll also find full details of all our packages and tours on our web pages, including return flights and accommodation.

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