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Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For B2B Marketers
Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For B2B Marketers

Social media channels have simply changed the way we share data and work with our businesses.

Whether it is as a consumer, startup or a B2C business, these days, everyone is leveraging the power of social media and is marketing through it.

However, social media is often considered a tool that only works for the B2C marketer. But who says that B2B companies don’t have a place in the social media arena?

According to a 2014 social media marketing research by Omobono, not only do business-to-business marketer’s benefit from social media channels, but it also serves as their most effective marketing channel of all. So, here is why social media marketing is important for B2B marketers:

All Your Prospects Are On Social Media

During the Omobono research, 79% of the senior B2B marketers reported that social media helps them to meet their objectives.

Social media channels lead to heightened brand awareness and work as one of the most reliable marketing channels to choose your vendor. There are various B2B decision makers who spend ample time on Facebook and are influenced by the information they find on the platform.

And it’s not just Facebook, you can also use LinkedIn and Twitter to market your business across various segments.

Promotes Your Thoughts To Potential Clients

B2B businesses work on thoughts, not just on the products. Your thoughts raise awareness about your business among your leads, build their trust, and impact their purchasing decisions as well.

However, there is no use in building thoughts if no one reads it. Use social media channels, make a distribution strategy, and distribute your thoughts among social media channels. You can create business groups on Facebook, with the target audience determined on the basis of data and reach out to potential clients.

Also, whenever you post on Facebook, make sure you follow an ideal Facebook post size to make the most of your efforts.

Helps You Generate New Leads

Social media channels like LinkedIn work like a natural lead generation tool due to a lot of connections present there, and its focus on related connections.  It is three times more effective than other channels, but still, there are a lot of B2B companies that are not active.

It gives you an ideal opportunity to dive in and make the most of it for potential leads and customers.

Drives Traffic

Did you know that social media drives 31.42% of total referral traffic to your business? If your brand is properly promoted on social media, the users start the interaction and then hover to your website.

However, when you start to market through social media, use resources and website links so that they can directly go to your website. But make sure that you do not share a lot of promotional content as it may overwhelm your audience.

Nurtures All Your Existing Relationships

The social media platforms are designed to connect people and also allow you to strengthen your relationships with your existing contacts.

Answer their queries regularly, respond to their comments, take their needs into consideration, and do express thanks as they leave you a review. If you get a negative review, respond to it professionally and take your client’s feedback as constructive criticism.

Improves Search Engine Optimization

When you start being active on social media channels, your positioning in Google Search Engines also start to increase. For example- backlinks increase the domain authority that leads to a higher ranking. The more you create, the higher quality backlinks along with the valuable content, the higher you will rank on the search engines.

Social media marketing is a powerful marketing medium and will surely yield you a great return on investment.

The Final Words

As a B2B marketer, once you start to use social media marketing, use a well thought strategy to plan the process. Set the key performance indicators from the beginning and be consistent with your efforts. However, make sure that you are not sidetracked in the rush of collecting fans and followers. A 2017 Content Marketing Institute Report says 83% of the B2B marketers use social media as the tactic to grow their organization.

So ask yourself, is your B2B company properly leveraging the power of social media?

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