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High Schools Need Cell Phone Charging Stations
High Schools Need Cell Phone Charging Stations

In today’s modern up-to-date high schools the internet revolution and ever-changing technology advances of recent years have transformed the way students study and learn. Gone are the old slide rulers, pocket calculators, dull math worksheets, and those dreaded flashcards. Today’s high school student, in most parts of the country, are using their Androids, iPhones, laptops, and tablets to make study notes, chase down references, and record teacher presentations. In fact, students are now prone to high tech anxiety and separation syndrome when they’re cut off from their phones and screens for longer than thirty minutes. Yes, this can be considered a bad thing — but when it comes to academics, the phones and the screens mean the cap and gown for graduates who can go on to college prepared for even more advanced technological learning opportunities.  

Parents of high school students tend to visualize mobile devices and cell phones in the hands of their kids as distractions to learning; something that tempts the erstwhile scholar to fritter away their time killing online zombies during English class or immersed in texting their bff or gif the latest gossip in the middle of a history exam. But developing studies show that high school students are actually using their mobile devices to enhance their note taking and processing, and expanding their ability to do interesting and sometimes even original research. Not to mention the whole revolution in online homework — no longer can they claim ‘the dog ate my homework,’ because the dog would have to swallow their iPhone to get away with that lame old excuse!

The studies are in, and they show that when students have convenient access to mobile devices while on campus their grades tend to improve exponentially. So the top high schools, the ones where SAT scores and state achievement awards really mean something, are turning to companies that specialize in installing phone charging stations and even charging lockers in high schools. This insures that students can’t claim they didn’t get their homework down because ‘my battery was low!’

If you’re a school board member, an educator, a school staffer, or a concerned parent, you’re going to want your high school to have charging stations handy for students to quickly and conveniently get their mobile devices up to full charge. It’s becoming as necessary as a school locker!

Forward looking high school educators have stopped moaning and groaning about how mobile devices are ruining the educational experience in the classroom. The cell phone and the tablet, not to mention wrist devices, are not going to go away just because teachers don’t want to deal with them. You might as well tell students they can’t wear shoes to class anymore. No, the smart teacher knows that a mobile device can open up a new world for students when it comes to instant access to knowledge. A mobile device can take a high school student directly to France or a melting glacier in Canada; it can show them the interconnectedness of simple math equations with complicated algorithms that now rule so much of AI; and it can display the wealth of museums around the globe to inspire and amaze. And it’s all done right in the classroom on a device no larger than a transistor radio. 

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