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How This Entrepreneur Built a 7-Figure Personal Brand on Instagram
How This Entrepreneur Built a 7-Figure Personal Brand on Instagram

Social media has given everyone the power to be heard. Some used it to express themselves, fight for a cause, and represent others. To the creative entrepreneur and engineer Umesh Agarwal, it was the gate to having a voice to reach people and be a means to share pivotal knowledge about finance and credit that were not taught in school.

A Platform of Purpose

Umesh made it clear how important providing value is through his social media presence. Using his impeccable knowledge about credit, he started building a community of individuals with financial literacy and even those who want to understand finance. The king of credit wanted his business to provide not just customer satisfaction, but also a contribution to their well-being.

Using his Instagram (@real.umesh), Umesh eloquently expressed how crucial hard work is for success. He was transparent, consistent, and filled with purpose in spreading the word of hustle for inspiration. Aside from that, he utilized his platform for behind-the-scenes of his travels, which were results of his travel and credit hacks.

Expanding Connections

As Umesh’s personal brand blew up, he continued to expand his business. With that, his connections both with his followers and with other credit gurus such as Shawn Sharma, Kyle Klosowski, among others, also grew.

In 2019, he decided to take his business to the next step. He engaged with his followers and dynamically interacted with them to provide mentorship and coaching about fixing their credit scores or building their own credit repair agencies. This, in turn, led more followers to his page.

In Exploring Mentorship

Umesh wanted to make more people aware of their credit scores and finances, and the best way to do it is by using his voice on social media. With 191,000 followers, all he needed to do was to post about what he wants to convey. He started exploring specialized mentorship ranging from one-time video and audio calls to subscriptions to his inner circle. He shared his mastered craft of credit to his circle in a way that even people who didn’t specialize in the field understood. He recognized that people are either scared or ignorant about credit, so he made it his goal to break this wall down and make sure people know that there are solutions to fix credit mistakes they may have made when they were younger.

Since he expanded the ways he interacted with his audience, his Instagram account got more attention from the people who are interested in what he coaches about. The people whom his mentees talk to started becoming curious as well.

To this day, Umesh continues to grow his following, successfully earning the fruits of his labor with his latest success, Credit 101; the company he co-founded. Umesh used his platform not to solely create profit, but also to serve as an instrument to share knowledge and help others. This is one of the defining factors for him to build a 7-figure personal brand on Instagram.

He desires that with everything he has accomplished, people seeing him live the dream through his platform would refuse to give up and continue to dream on as well. He believes that if it happened to him, it will happen to them as long as they work hard for it.

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