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Ways businesses can use social media to combat Coronavirus impact
Ways businesses can use social media to combat Coronavirus impact

Social media has always been a powerful example of the remarkable reach of technological advancement and widespread digitalisation. When social media was first introduced to the world, it was done so as a modern iteration that was geared specifically towards revolutionising global communication from the ground up. It took little to no time at all for the positive impact of social media to be felt on a global scale. Soon enough, social media was branching out even further than originally intended, transforming communication and connection once again from the inside out. 

In many ways, social media has essentially been the bridging foundation that has kept us all connected and informed as the world has gone through many different eras in its time. Now, as the Coronavirus pandemic impacts the globe in many different ways, we are seeing the powerful influence of social media impact not only our awareness and understanding of how the entire world is coping with the Coronavirus outbreak, but also every aspect of life as we know it. This includes, of course, businesses

Raising awareness about the facts

Businesses today are utilising social media to combat Coronavirus in interesting ways. One of the biggest and best ways they are doing this is by actively and consistently sharing the facts surrounding the virus and real-time updates on the virus as it continues to unfold around the globe. This is a way for businesses to combat the virus because it essentially functions as a middleman that is giving their valued consumers live updates as they happen. It is an entirely transformative narrative and it is one of the biggest trends for businesses right now.

Advertising online products and services

Whether it is independently or through companies like Hesk Digital, businesses are utilising social media as a means of advertising their products and services – including new approaches to shipping, returns, and even delivery methods. Amid scary and uncertain times like this, businesses utilising social media to keep their consumers informed about their approaches and responses to the virus, is an entirely exciting way of making use of social media to survive and thrive as the Coronavirus continues to impact standard and exceptional operations for businesses across the board and around the globe.

Build up business/consumer relationships through consistent engagement

Businesses are also utilising all this time in lockdown mode to build up business/consumer relationships through active and consistent engagement. This assists those businesses in essentially and successfully allowing and encouraging the active and consistent growth of their brand in what has already proven to be more challenging times than usual. And really, with the whole world going into lockdown mode, what better use of time is there for businesses than to spend their time building on and strengthening their relationships with consumers? This is perhaps one of, if not the, most effective and important use of social media to combat the virus’ impact on the business and the future of the business.

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