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HOW TO Practice Social Distancing Without Feeling Isolated
HOW TO Practice Social Distancing Without Feeling Isolated

Called “The Loneliness Epidemic,” the days of social distancing have created gaps in physical human connection. With the rise of digital hashtag #AloneTogether, we have never been more alone, yet had more opportunities for digital connection than ever before.

Even before COVID-19, 52% of American adults said they felt alone at least some of the time and 58% think no one really knows them — based on research by the UCLA Loneliness Scale.

The good news is that we can acknowledge the brutal facts of loneliness right now, in fact, merely talking about this more gives people permission to talk about their feelings and share their experiences on social media, thus connecting them to other people.

Social distancing is essential to public health during this pandemic and we can also work to reduce the impact of isolation during this time.

A few tips for those of us who are computer warriors, constantly in front of our screens:

  1. Get outdoors – do some yard work, create an exercise routine in your back yard
  2. Set a routine – even when working from home a routine may reduce mental fatigue
  3. Stay in touch – make plans with people online to check in and hangout
  4. Watch a movie – have a Netflix party and watch movies together, but apart
  5. Call or chat – check in with those who may need it or just to show you’re thinking of someone
  6. Plan a game night – there are lots of internet-friendly games

We’re all in this together, so let’s be together even when we’re apart.

In the meantime, check out this great infographic from EduRef that compiled these great tips and more.

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