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A Look at Several Social Media Platforms Poised to Make an Impact In the Near Future
A Look at Several Social Media Platforms Poised to Make an Impact In the Near Future

Social media giants Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have dominated the marketplace for several years now. However, multiple platforms have emerged over the last year that shows major promise. Analysts project that many of these apps will eventually pose a threat to the established hierarchy. Companies and investors are also excited about these future platforms, as they have the opportunity to potentially receive huge rewards for aligning with these platforms at an early stage. With that being said, here is a look at some of the emerging social media platforms.


Created by Facebook, Lasso lets users create short videos that they can share through their Facebook Stories. Users can add filters and effects to their videos for more creativity. The majority of users enjoy creating skits, singing, and dancing videos.

Lasso offers users multiple shooting speeds for their videos, as well as the ability to take slow-motion shots.

Lasso developers say that they will add a feature that allows users to share their videos on Instagram in the near future.


AllSocial is a social media platform that puts the user first. With a mission of connecting worlds, AllSocial creates an open, safe and secure community that fulfills the Internet’s original promise of connecting people.

With AllSocial, 100% of their content is delivered to all followers 100% of the time. AllSocial has purposefully retained this chronological method for their newsfeed, allowing users to see every single post from those they follow and allowing their own important messages to actually be seen by every follower.

In October, the new platform surpassed the 1 million users mark. AllSocial is available via desktop or app from the Google Play or Apple store.

Tik Tok

Previously known as Musical.ly, Tik Tok is a social network based on creating, sharing, and searching for user-created music videos. Tik Tok creates challenges that encourage users to make content based on a specific theme.

The platform has a Duet feature that allows users to integrate their videos with someone else’s. Users have the ability to live-stream themselves and interact with others through online chat. Users also have the ability to purchase the currency that they can use to buy icons for their favorite live streamers.

Tik Tok is considered a great place for companies to promote their services and work with influencers.


Based out of New York City, Steemit is a blockchain-based blogging and social media platform that allows users to earn money for creating appealing content. Users are compensated through the cryptocurrency STEEM. As users start to create appealing content, they’ll get paid. Users can also earn money by supporting content that their peers made on the platform. Users can take their digital STEEM tokens and exchange them for cash. Steemit users rely on up-votes to earn more money and also receive great visibility. Users have the option to post about multiple topics, including photography, sports, and music. Steemit allows bloggers to share their content and gain an audience.


Caffeine is a social broadcasting platform that allows users to create live broadcasts for their followers to view while also interacting with them in real-time. Caffeine primarily focuses on gaming, entertainment, and cooking. The platform has a socially driven recommendation system that makes it easy for people to find the content that they want to view. Users also have the ability to monetize their content.

Many companies are using Caffeine to hold live Q&A sessions with their customers, while also giving them an inside look at the company.

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