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Chris Hughes Suggests 3 Tricks to Integrate Your WordPress Website with Social Media
Chris Hughes Suggests 3 Tricks to Integrate Your WordPress Website with Social Media

There are two types of entrepreneurs: those who believe that websites are the only way to attract customers online and those who believe in having a social media presence. Chris Hughes, the web hosting guru and founder of RedLettuce, a company that provides unique plugins for WordPress websites, says that any entrepreneur who wants to maximize brand visibility online should leverage the best of both worlds.

He recommends integrating WordPress with social media, making it easier for your customers to find both your website and social profiles. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Installing social media plugins

A leading wordpress development agency say’s this is the easiest way to integrate your WordPress site with social media. RedLettuce has a range of plugins that make this process quick and easy, even for non-technical entrepreneurs. From adding social sharing buttons that allow site visitors to share blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to cross-posting content on various social media platforms, plugins play a crucial role when you consider integrating your website with social media.

Chris also recommends using plugins that allow users to schedule their social media posts in advance or repost old content after a few months. At RedLettuce, you’ll find several plugins that make this possible, along with others that increase the overall functionality of your WordPress blog or eCommerce store.

2. Using third-party platforms

In addition to plugins, Chris also suggests using third-party platforms specializing in connecting online services to integrate your WordPress website with social media. IFTTT, for example, is one such platform that allows you to create applets. These applets connect your website to your brand’s social profiles.

Suppose you want to share your website’s blog posts on Facebook. All you have to do is create an applet that connects your Facebook business page to your website, and you can upload new posts with just one click. 

3. Using the embed function on social media

Open your Facebook timeline. You will come across many videos automatically. Upon clicking the three-dotted icon on the corner of the post, you will find an option called Embed. Other social media platforms also offer a similar opportunity. In the above two tricks, you integrate your website to social media sites. Using the embed function is just the opposite. You will use your social media page to integrate your website.

Clicking on the embed option on one of your social media posts will give you a code that you can use on your official website. Now here’s the tricky part. To integrate the bar on your website, you need to open your WordPress editor for the page where you want the post to pop up. Switch to the text editor of that page and paste your code there. When you switch to the page’s visual editor, you will see the post appear on the website.
Chris believes that smart work can help your business grow quicker than you expect. And one smart trick to take advantage of is integrating your WordPress website with social media. This simple, yet often overlooked tactic can make a massive difference in the number of targeted customers you generate.

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