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Crate Club Group Brings You the Online Magazine SOFREP:  Military Grade Content
Crate Club Group Brings You the Online Magazine SOFREP: Military Grade Content

The Crate Club Group Presents, an online magazine that creates news and content around the World of Special Operations.

The magazine consolidates multiple popular web properties into a single, large-scale destination for military interest and elite special operations forces content, creating the “Superhero Universe of Special Ops Content.” Reports on Notable Content Every Day of the Week

The magazine has earned special praise in the journalism community for a list of articles. One of these was a breaking story by Managing Editor of and a veteran of the Greek Army (National service with 575th Marines Battalion and Army HQ), Stavros Atlamazoglou. This history-changing story only broke weeks ago.


On Saturday, October 26, 2019, a Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) operation in Syria resulted in the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State and one of the most wanted men in the world. The JSOC operation took place in the Syrian province of Idlib and sources with private knowledge of the plan confirmed to SOFREP that the assault force came from Delta Force and the 75th Ranger Regiment.

President Trump tweeted at the wee small hours of Sunday morning that “Something very big has just happened!” The White House alerted the country to expect a big announcement to come down today.

According to reports received by Newsweek, President Trump had approved the action almost a week earlier.. Although there is little skepticism that the Delta team got its guy, complete confirmation is pending on the DNA examination from the terrorist leader’s remains.

After his (al-Baghdadi) forerunner was killed by a joint U.S.-Iraqi Special Operations team, the militant cleric climbed the rocky ranks of power and in 2010 became the commander of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) – which he increased to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (the Levant) in an attempt to encroach into the neighboring countries, which were encountering severe civil strife as an outcome of the Arab Spring. In Syria, that unrest turned in to a bloody civil war. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had a $25 million bounty on his head.

The editorial team at was the first to acquire details on how Delta Force conducted the raid on al-Baghdadi and was the first publication to discuss the reason that Delta Force was called on instead of SEAL Team 6.

An interesting note to the reader: If you were ever looking to contact SOFREP Managing Editor, Stavros Atlamazoglou, you can ‘usually find him on the top of a mountain admiring the view and wondering how he got there’. With a central subject focused so heavily on the heavy subject matter that naturally comes along with ‘military-grade content, it’s nice to know that a sense of humor will always be found inside the tough content on and that can be validated in the author byline of the online publication’s Managing Editor.


If you haven’t already heard, SOFREP just released the long-awaited return of “Inside the Team Room” with U.S. Navy SEAL Snipers!

This series is available exclusively to our Team Room members. Not a Team Room member yet? We’ve released the first three episodes for free on our SOFREP YouTube channel. Check them out below.

In 2012 published the first Team Room series featuring Navy SEAL and American Sniper, Chris Kyle. SOFREP founder Brandon Webb had the thought for a show concept that would take viewers behind the scenes and since then, the series has been viewed millions of times behind the SOFREP Team Room members division and has featured the more notable authors, and characters in the Special Operations community.


We Tell It Like It Is

The editorial staff of SOFREP does not gush about the United States military; rather, they tell the truth or as their website touts, they simply ‘tell it like it is’. An example of this is in an article that details the Army’s controversial decision to purchase a large number of Sig Sauer pistols for its soldiers. The handgun model in question was full of defects, and Sig Sauer competitor Glock issued a formal complaint to the Department of Defense alleging that the Army was putting pistols into the hands of its soldiers that did not meet their own quality standards.

While Sig Sauer is working with the Army to resolve the issues, the author implies that purchasing them in the first place was a bad decision. He also notes that many of the faulty guns were issued to service members and that the problems with these guns needed to be fixed ASAP.

We want our audience to tell it like it as well.  Review our services here! Crate Club on TrustPilot

Crate Club Group Created SOFREP to Put an Emphasis on the Elite

SOFREP reporting often focuses on the best of the best: the elite special forces teams. In one notable article, the author compares and contrasts Delta Force and SEALTeam Six. The article came in the wake of confusion over exactly which branch of the military was responsible for taking out Bin Laden.

He points out that one of the units emphasizes old-school fighting techniques that are at the very core of combat. The other, by contrast, is about employing the emerging fighting techniques of the future in order to be on the vanguard of how wars are fought.

From there, he gets into a comparison of how the two units select team members. One looks closely at the results of tryout exercises in the Appalachian Mountains while the other emphasizes the soldier’s reputation in previous field exercises and actual combat.


SOFREP radio is a companion site to the magazine’s main site and offers podcasts featuring interviews with military and other experts. The content can be about pretty much anything a person of action would be interested in. For example, one recent episode is about fighting pirates on the high seas. Another features an interview with an American astronaut.

Brandon Webb

Brandon Webb is the founder of SOFREP, a major partner in the Crate Club Group, and is involved in many other ventures across the digital; landscape when it comes to the men’s lifestyle industry. Brandon Webb is a former Navy SEAL and a New York Times Best Selling author who has written widely about service, leadership, survival and other topics. A warrior, entrepreneur, and writer, his brands are a must-follow for those interested in all things Special Forces.

Don’t Forget About SOFREP’s Crate Club

Crate Club offers a way for subscribers to receive special military and survival gear at regular times during the year. As described on their website at, “The Crate Club, commonly referred to as ‘James Bond in a Box’, has grown into a multi-level subscription coveted by thousands of people. Each delivery contains the very best gear on the planet and every single product must pass the scrutiny from a panel of Special Operations professionals. From custom-designed products to Spec Ops curated exclusive items, the Crate Club is sworn to quality when quality truly matters.”  No one could have said it better.

The newest offering under Crate Club Group is the SOFREP Academy which saw a successful first edition last summer at the Virginia International Raceway. SOFREP Academy was started by it’s leading partners to get their subscription base involved and to help establish a firm foundation for what Crate Club was meant to be all along, a living, breathing community of real people. The academy is an excellent means by which to build and strengthen that community each summer in a place where ‘guys can just be guys’.  

Brandon Webb, curator and Crate Club Group Partner, is already gearing up for SOFREP Academy weekends that are in the works for Summer 2020. There are early bird buying specials for anyone who signs up for next summer’s academy weekends now! If you would like to stay up to date on the details about the 2020 SOFREP Academy or even sign up to be a part of the community, click here.

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