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Drip Creationz Shows the Power of Niche Marketing in Social Media
Drip Creationz Shows the Power of Niche Marketing in Social Media

Any business can benefit from a strong social media presence. Many beginners tend to think that social media marketing is reserved for the big names, those that have massive physical stores or bottomless pockets. Some even go so far as saying that their products or services are too niche-specific to work on social platforms. What you need to realize, however, is that having a laser-targeted audience could hold the key to promoting your brand on social media and extending your online reach. Case in point is Drip Creationz, an online store that sells customized designer shoes, apparel, and accessories.

Filling a gap in the market

What forms the backbone of every successful business? Whether it’s a local plumbing company, a tattoo parlor, or an online fashion store, success can always be attributed to filling a gap in the market. The only difference is that in niche marketing, the idea is to be more precise with the audience you want to reach.

Frankie Quiroz, the co-founder of Drip Creationz, shares that looking for the perfect customers will lead you to find the perfect niche. Honing in on a major problem and coming up with a unique solution is a surefire way of filling a gap in the market, or in the case of Drip Creationz, creating an entirely new market for products never seen before.

Together with Ilene Arellano and Brian Porter, Frankie ventured into the online apparel and accessories industry, equipped with the concept of customizing designer shoes and clothing. His prior experience with building his own brands and working with plenty of other businesses has given him invaluable insights into what works in the realm of social media marketing. But Frankie says that even business owners who haven’t taken this route can find success by leveraging simple yet effective techniques.

Building your brand’s story

Online consumers like interacting and doing business with brands they can relate to. You’d want to offer a more personal approach. Some companies assign a high-level person to be the face of their brand, while others pay top dollar for A-list celebrities to be their brand ambassadors. Drip Creationz combined these two by partnering with influential content creators on Instagram. This gives your brand quick and guaranteed exposure to a targeted audience. For Drip Creationz, this strategy has worked perfectly, helping them acquire 1 million Instagram followers to date.

According to Frankie, influencer marketing proves to be one of the most powerful tools for marketing your niche on social platforms. Their strategy involved finding influencers who were already engaged with the audience they wanted to target. This approach has fueled their Instagram growth and helped create their brand’s story, making them more relatable to their target audience. And just like the social media influencers who turned into true brand advocates, their organic following turned into loyal supporters of their brand.

Having a niche audience doesn’t mean you can’t use social media marketing. In fact, a hyper-specific market is exactly what you want as it allows you to find the right avenues to promote your products or services. Taking the time to pick a niche, develop effective solutions, and market them using a solid niche marketing strategy can serve as a blueprint for any company that wants to generate more quality leads and improve sales.

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