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The role of Social Media in the CBD oil advertising world
The role of Social Media in the CBD oil advertising world

Like any other product on the market today, one of, if not the most important getting the word out about CBD oil is social media. Social media is one of the biggest drivers of brand loyalty, brand awareness, and ROI in the marketing world. What makes social media marketing for CBD oil and other related products is that there are certain challenges and restrictions that these types of companies have to deal with that others do not. That said, there are still lots of CBD companies doing great and interesting work in social media marketing and advertising. Here is everything you need to know about the role of social media in the CBD oil advertising world. 

Challenges for CDB oil on social media

There are two main challenges CBD oil companies face when using social media to advertise their products. The first is something that many companies deal with while the second, is unique to their industry. CBD oil companies are an exploding market that faces tons of competition with new companies popping up all the time. As Digital Authority Partners explains, the CBD space is on its way to being a $20 billion industry so it is no surprise there are a lot of entities that want to get involved. Getting your message heard above the noise on social media can be difficult in this type of marketplace. 

The other issue, that is unique to CBD, is the legal gray area that it exists in and the rules and regulations placed on it by social media platforms because of this. While it is legal nationally to produce hemp plants (which can produce CBD – Daily CBD Mag explains the similarities and differences between CBD and hemp here) it is not fully legal in all states. Because of this, certain types of social media advertising is restricted or outlawed. Here is what the landscape currently looks like in top social media advertising platforms: 

Facebook. Allows ads for hemp-derived CBD products but not cannabis-derived ones. 

Twitter. They do not allow any sort of paid advertisement for CBD products. 

Instagram. Similar policy to twitter but users report they are less diligent about policing it. 

Google Ads. A gray area but they have recently begun working with CBD companies as a test.  

Social Media Strategies 

As you can see, paid ads can be tricky for CBD companies on social media. So, many companies are turning to different ways to get their message across and, like this article on Cool Things Chicago, tell people everything they need to know about CBD oil. Here are three of the best strategies companies are implementing. 

Influencer Strategy 

Influencers, or social media personalities who have a ton of followers, are quickly becoming an ROI goldmine for marketers. The stats show that around half of all consumers consider influencer recommendations for their purchases and that 70% of young people trust influencers more than traditional celebrity endorsers. Because of these reasons, coupled with the fact that influencer posts are a natural-feeling way to both get your message out and get around a social media platform’s CBD rules, influencer posts are what many of the top CBD marketers are spending the majority of the time and money on. Getting the product in the right influencer’s hand will get your brand message out to all their followers and give it more impact as well as inspire more brand loyalty because of the pre-established relationship between the influencer and his or her followers. 

SEO Strategy

Another way to drive organic traffic to your website or product store when you are limited in paying for is by focusing on keywords and SEO to get your message and your marketing out there. Using a proper SEO strategy through blogging and getting your site to rank higher on search engines is a great way to drive traffic and is usually very cost-effective too. The other reason that CBD companies like it is because it also helps them establish themselves as expert thought leaders in an industry that is growing so fast that it is sometimes hard to know where to look for answers. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Why do your social media marketing yourself when you can have others do it for you? This is the question being asked by many top CBD companies and answered in the form of affiliate marketing programs. These programs basically work the same as having commission-based sales and marketing teams all over the world. The affiliate marketers set up their own sales funnels, landing pages, and social media posts and ads, and whatever comes from it, be it clicks, emails, or full-on sales, they get a cut of whatever the CBD company makes. It is a great system that benefits the CBD company and can be very lucrative for the affiliates. 

Beware Big Claims 

CBD oil is good for so many things as this CBDKyro article details. However, many of the claims about CBD, no matter how true they seem, are not fully backed by the appropriate scientific research yet. Because of this, companies on social media have to be very careful no matter how they choose to utilize social media marketing to not go overboard with the benefits claims. It is the quickest and easiest way to get kicked off a platform and, even more troubling, to get in hot water with the U.S. government and the FDA. 


Just like the industry itself, the role of social media in the CBD oil advertising world is new, complex, crowded, and full of potential. There are so many players in the space it can seem overwhelming at times but there are also some companies doing amazing work. As the science, social mores and rules and regulations around CBD and its marketing evolve, so will the role social media plays in it. It is definitely something worth watching though because CBD companies need to be more innovative and creative than most which could lead to some helpful things coming about that could be of value across industries.

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