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Adding Value To Blue Check Marks – Top Twitter Accounts Don’t Have To Pay For Twitter Blue
Adding Value To Blue Check Marks – Top Twitter Accounts Don’t Have To Pay For Twitter Blue

If the rich and famous don’t have – as in they won’t pay for – blue check marks on Twitter, a question could be asked why would anyone else see it as having any value? It’s the latest problem that Twitter is facing since Elon Musk made the announcement about legacy accounts losing their verification status if they don’t subscribe to Twitter Blue.

As we have seen, it is not necessary to pay for everyone to maintain their blue checkmarks on social media platforms.

Twitter returned the verified mark to certain accounts last month that had over a million subscribers. This was seen as a way to give blue checks more credibility, but also ensure that Twitter Blue subscribers continued to get value for their money.

Elon Musk gave back the blue ticks that he awarded to elite celebrities and those who have a million fans a couple of months ago, said James Bailey. Bailey is professor of Leadership at George Washington University School of Business.

Celebrities are now voicing their disapproval of Twitter Blue. They want the public to know that they don’t pay for it. This is the latest saga for Twitter since Musk bought the company last year for $ 44 billion.

Twitter’s approach to a subscription program is an example of “a great idea with terrible implementation”. Dr. Dustin York added, Associate Professor of Communication at Maryville University.

York said that Musk had “diminished the whole value of a check mark in blue” even while those with large followers were having their check marks returned.

“What was once a credibility symbol that drove users to engage in trusted content on Twitter has turned into a symbol that represents either a world-renowned thought leader or a scam account – and it’s hard to tell which you’re looking at,” suggested York.

Blue Checks Return

Musk probably didn’t expect the reaction he got when removing the blue checkmarks. He announced promptly that he was personally paying for several accounts. This included those whose public pledges to never pay were made.

Some accounts are now able to retain their checkmarks without paying anything.

“Giving the blue check mark back to those with over one million followers is an obvious push to leverage celebrities’ credibility in an attempt to earn back some credibility for Twitter itself – good idea, but poor execution,” said York.

Bailey’s words were even more harsh: “That is stupid.”

Bailey stated that it wasn’t about giving them back, but rather taking them, as it would have caused unnecessary drama in the service’s management under Musk.

Twitter’s users have already left the platform, and its 30 top advertisers are also cutting back on their expenditures. This is averaging 42 percent. Musk was essentially responding to the decline in ad dollar by asking people to buy features on Twitter.

Bailey said that Musk is a tech entrepreneur who knows nothing about social media.

Bailey said, “He did not understand that social media is about advertising and information rather than fees.

Bailey went on to say, “You can see that Elon Musk is looking for a return like Tesla’s sales.” Jeff Bezos has been a leader in storing information, and selling it. Bezos has also stayed on his path and expanded that lane. Musk is It is not clear how to get there.Just not expanding his lane, he drives on the other side of the street. Maybe if his fragile ego was not so inflated, he would learn. But don’t expect it.”

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