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Twitter Users Randomly Getting Logged Out For No Reason
Twitter Users Randomly Getting Logged Out For No Reason

Twitter has been having some issues today. Are you being unexpectedly logged out from your Twitter account? You’re not alone. The problem was reported by many users. It started at around 2:50 pm. ET. It only appears to get worse.

Down Detector, which allows users to report when a website isn’t working, has reported a flurry of outages at Twitter this afternoon. About 10,000 users have complained about Twitter not working in the last hour.

Around 4:30 PM, I had logged off my account. ET. I immediately signed back in without any problem. More recently I have been randomly logged out at 5:00 PM. ET and haven’t been able to get access again, despite trying multiple times.

Twitter has experienced a number of outages since CEO Elon Musk first took over in October 2022, but they’ve all been relatively short. This outage appears to be longer than a typical problem with the site and it’s not clear when activity will return to normal.

While some users reported that they were logged out of the website it seems many others are still accessing the site via the Apple or Android smartphone app.

Musk’s automated system responded with the poop-emoji when Musk asked for a comment. I’ll update this post if I hear back with any real status updates.

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