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Are You Trying Too Hard to Succeed at Marketing?
Are You Trying Too Hard to Succeed at Marketing?

A Streamlined Focus Benefits Brands Finds New B2B Marketing Report 

In the marketing business, bigger isn’t always better, so finds a new expert report by B2B marketing agency Renegade, LLC’s CEO Drew Neisser. 

Renegade’s new special report, How to Drive Effective B2B Brand Strategy in 2020, pulls together some of the top business insights from over 350 interviewed CMOs Neisser has conducted for his popular podcast (Renegade Thinkers Unite.) and Ad Age column. Distilling marketing wisdom from the pros into 12 powerful steps, this report also reflects the agency’s depth of experience working with B2B brands.

As the report’s first lesson points out, marketing has becoming increasingly complex but not increasingly effective thus the need to “Clear away the clutter.” 

Too Much Noise Does Not a Symphony Make 

Modern marketers are often at the mercy of complex client-tracking tech — sometimes to the tune of more than two dozen individual technologies that must be wrangled like so many wild animals, the report finds. The demand to stay on top of your tech and to jump in to the next “big new thing” can be a never-ending game of distractions and complexities, not business solutions. 

Not only is too much tech a problem, the fuel for that data is also exceptionally loud and time consuming. Most popular marketing software needs new data points from fresh blog posts, tweets, emails, and more to show results. Keeping pace with all that output can leave your resources — your employees as well as your creative bandwidth — seriously depleted. 

Solutions for Noisy Tech Trends? It’s All About Simplicity

Instead of trying to do everything at only minimal effectiveness, the survey of top B2B marketers found that a simplified approach can prove to be the winning one. In the words of clutter-cleaning guru Marie Kondo, “does it bring you joy?” If your current marketing plan involves trying to clutter your screen with loads of tools and tech in order to “simplify” your view, you’re probably obscuring it instead. 

For modern marketers to succeed, they have to make sure that their approach is built on a solid foundation. Turns out, the basics are not only a good place to start, they’re downright effective for growth, brand building, and even employee attraction and retention. 

“Forget all that you can do and focus on what you must do to make a difference,” notes the Renegade report. 

Don’t know how your business plan can make a difference? Go back to the basics of business planning 101. This might mean putting pen to paper and doing some soul searching to ensure your business model is: 

  • Meaningful
  • Unique, and most of all
  • Clear.

Go back to the simplicity of your core values and goals and ensure that your message comes through with everything your business creates. The more meaningful your work, the louder the work will speak for itself, leaving your team more time to focus on the business of marketing, and not the marketing of your business. 

Want to learn more? Read the full report for details on finding focus and 11 other ways you can improve your marketing business. 

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