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How to integrate stickers and labels into your social strategy
How to integrate stickers and labels into your social strategy

In an increasingly digital world, the traditional marketing methods remain among the most effective. This is in part because they are physical and permanent. This is also because they can be easily changed out based on the situation, whereas you can’t do much more to digitally market to someone once they are in your store. Let’s look at how you can integrate stickers and labels into your business. 


Custom stickers and labels are a great way to market products and services. You can put labels on classic plain paper and plastic bags to brand them. If you have free samples or new products that don’t yet have branded packaging, labels and stickers can brand them for you. 

Additional Marketing 

Stickers can be used for additional marketing. For example, you can put stickers with the value-added terms that attract your customers’ attention on relevant items. Whether it is locally made, organic, vegan, ethically sourced, hand-made or something else, you can promote those facts to your customers. And you can do this without altering the packaging the item came in. Note that you can also put these stickers on the shelves when appropriate, whether it is stating that a food item is not GMO or showing the ideal age range for a particular toy. 

Loss Control 

Loss control involves anything and everything you can do to prevent theft and misplaced inventory. Stickers and labels can be part of this process in addition to inventory tracking via RFID tags and physical controls like items stored in locked cabinets. You can put discrete stickers on legitimately sold products so that it is obvious to staff that they were paid for. The process of putting stickers on sold items is also an opportunity to verify product counts. This prevents someone from paying for one item when they actually have three in the cart. Furthermore, it saves time over removing RFID and tracking devices from high value inventory. You can in theory have RFID stickers on tracked inventory, but those are more easily removed than locked clips. 

You can use stickers to prevent theft in other ways. For example, when your customers have paid for something, close the bag with a large sticker or label. This prevents them from putting additional unpaid items in the bag, and it isn’t as noisy process as stapling a paper bag shut. Furthermore, this approach can be used with plastic bags as well as paper ones. You can put stickers on plastic bags from your store to indicate when someone has been in that day and make it easier to identify when someone brought in their own bag. 

Brand Recognition 

Branded stickers are a great way to build brand recognition. Give away stickers with the company brand, and your customers can become your brand ambassadors. This is true whether they put the stickers on their child’s shirt or their laptop computer. And you can use the stickers to attract attention in the first place. Stickers are a cheap freebie that can attract people to a trade show booth or free sample station at a public event.

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