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Can Social Media Help with Career Opportunities?
Can Social Media Help with Career Opportunities?

Social media began as a form of communication for a group of high school students way back in the early 1990s, and very quickly, it morphed into a global platform, with several major players emerging. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the 3 social media giants, and in this article, we will look at how social media and digital platforms in general can help a person who is looking for career opportunities.

Sharing Information

This is how social media works; we can all see exactly what our friends are up to in their daily lives – holiday photos, video clips of their adventures and even requests – which brings us closer together. Facebook in particular, can be very effective when looking for employment, all you need to do is join a few groups and you can post your resume and reply to requests from employers. If, for example, you are in the construction industry, there are special Facebook groups for your sector, and by joining them all, you have access to job offers that you would not otherwise known about.

Online Recruitment Agencies

If you are looking for career opportunities in engineering or construction, for example, talk to the experts at, as they are connected to the best employers, and no matter your chosen sector, there are specialist online recruitment agencies and what’s more their services are free to the job hunter. You might not actually be looking to change your job, but it is nice to be informed when challenging positions become available, and you are under no obligation to apply, you have a choice.

Sourcing Potential Employers

One way of finding out more about a potential employer is to search online for their social media pages, where you can see many posts and if they have positions available, they would likely advertise this on their social media pages. Many Australians have made great career moves thanks to social media and there’s no reason why you can’t use this avenue to seek out an employer who can offer you a challenging role in their organisation.

Spreading the Word

If you are currently looking for a more rewarding position, why not use a powerful platform like social media? All of your social media friends can share your post and who knows where that might lead? If you actively search for relevant social media groups and join, you increase the exposure of your requirements, and it doesn’t cost you anything to sit down for a couple of hours and search Facebook groups.

Profile & Resume

You should spend time on creating an online profile and resume for potential employers to view, as this will increase your chances of finding that dream job. If you aren’t exactly computer competent, you can enlist some professional help with creating a profile and resume, which will certainly improve your chances of finding a suitable opening.

Social media offers the job hunter many possibilities and with very little effort, you can get your message out to many potential employers.

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