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Who Are the Major Social Media Players in 2020?
Who Are the Major Social Media Players in 2020?

The power of social
media is undeniable and with billions of people logging in every day, the major
platforms provide an insight into the lives of everyone on your friend list.
Celebrities are followed by millions on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and
Instagram, which gives users a chance to interact with their heroes, and in
this article, we will take a look at the major social media players in 2020.


The largest social
media platform, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has become an integral part of
millions of people’s lives, as Facebook allows you a unique insight into your
friend’s lives and what they are doing. They now offer livestream, when you can
upload live video and this is a feature that many people use on a daily basis,
plus there are many other uses for Facebook.


Twitter arrived on the
scene in 2006 and in just 6 years, 300+ million tweets were posted on a daily
basis by more than 100 million users worldwide, making this one of the most
used social media platforms. Twitter has been dubbed ‘the SMS of the Internet’
and it has taken its place near the top of the popular digital social media
platforms in 2020, with more users being attracted to Twitter. You might, for
example, be looking for somewhere to stay and a friend tweeted they had a great
time in Thailand while at Novotel in Bangkok, so online reviews can help you to choose the
best accommodation, or if you want recommendations for delicious food, Twitter
can help.


Now owned by Facebook,
Instagram is an image and video sharing platform that was first introduced in
2010, and photos and videos can be tagged, making for easy retrieval. Superstar
Christian Ronaldo has more than 200 million followers on Instagram, as watching
videos of him and his family interacting is very appealing to his fans.
Instagram is said to be the 3rd largest platform, behind Facebook
and Twitter, yet there are new and innovative platforms emerging.


This is a Chinese
owned video sharing social media platform that was globally launched in 2017 for
the Android and iOS platforms, and one their major features is enabling users
to lip-sync short video clips of up to 60 seconds. This platform is popular in
Asia, the US and parts of Europe and is expected to steadily grow, and of all
the social media contenders, TikTok seems to be ahead of its rivals and in
terms of numbers, it is not far behind Instagram as the 4th post
popular social media platform.

Social media has
become an integral part of all of our lives and it will continue to merge with
the human mind long into the future. The Internet of Things – a world where
every single digital device is connected to a 5G-powered data transfer system –
and integration with AI will empower humanity like never before.

Next time you are posting on your Facebook wall or Tweeting to a friend, remember that social media is still evolving and the future holds amazing possibilities for all of us.

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