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Careers in Education
Careers in Education

Careers in Education

In the education field there are a number of careers that you can pursue according to Jonathan Osler. When looking to pursue a career in education, it is important to consider the amount of education needed to attain employment, the salary potential and the nature of the work. It is also important to make sure that any career you pursue in education is one that you will enjoy. According to Osler, it is very important that you get into the education sector with a strong commitment to educating students and helping them reach their full academic potential and prepare them for their future.

College Professor

One of the top occupations in the education field is college professor. This occupation is also classified as a post secondary teacher. As a college professor, you will provide lectures and instruction on a specific subject or field. Along with teaching a particular subject, you also participate in research which can allow you to learn more about your field and get even more proficient in your field as well. In order to be a college professor, you will need to attain a doctorate level degree (Ph.D).

University President

Another one of the top careers in education is that of a university president. With this occupation, you will serve as the top administrator of the entire university. As the university president, you will coordinate the class schedules, approve of course offerings, oversee budgets and consult with other administrators on how to more efficiently serve the needs of both students and faculty at the college or university.

School Superintendent

As well as working in higher education, there are plenty of lucrative careers in compulsory education. One of these careers is that of a school superintendent. At this position, you will be responsible for coordinating the education in a local school district. You will oversee budgets, devise course offerings at local schools and set standards for education and graduation. This career will usually require at least a master’s degree in education or a doctorate level degree in the same field.

School Principal

Anyone who is interested in being an administrator in the education sector will also want to consider being a school principal. The principal is the top administrator of a particular school. They are responsible for managing budgets for the school, setting school rules and education standards. A principal is also involved in supervising the faculty and consulting with parents of the students.

When you think of education, one of the first careers that comes to mind is teaching. A teacher, like Jonathan Osler, is an education professional who is responsible for providing instruction to students at a variety of levels including, elementary school, junior high school and high school. At each level, teachers are involved in teaching a certain subject to students. For elementary school teachers, they prepare young kids for middle school. Teachers at the junior high level are involved in teaching a particular subject and preparing them for high school. The highest level of teaching is at the high school level. These teachers are responsible for teaching a particular subject as well as helping students prepare for college or for their future careers.

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