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How the new Version 2 of SnatchBot will increase chatbot deployment
How the new Version 2 of SnatchBot will increase chatbot deployment

Avi Benezra, CTO of SnatchBot, has often said that providing a powerful, digital means of meeting user expectations, from a one-sided transaction into a two-way communication, is meant for all types of industries and all business sizes. Now, the new Version2 of the SnatchBot platform, will really make chatbots more accessible than ever. Let’s take a look at how this works: 

Types of Clients Snatchbot aim to reach with New Version 2

At SnatchBot there is no “ideal client” and they strive to provide companies and organizations, whether small, medium or large, with a powerful digital means to enhance user expectations. This enables companies to take the traditional one-sided transaction onto a new level by turning it into a two-way, conversational interaction.  

There is no limit to the types of industries that can deploy chatbots. They take away the menial tasks leaving employees time to perform more productive work. 

Snatchbot covers 12 verticals (including industries, services and government organizations), which use chatbots for all types of tasks, from selling products, answering queries, and even entertaining the user. Recently, Avi Benezra commented in Forbes France on how RPA now uses their chatbot platform as a vehicle to deploy successfully across all industries. 

Advantages of deploying chatbots

For enterprises:

Chatbots that are powered by SnatchBot have the same value as hiring a personal assistant for each employee. The advantage of this is increased productivity within the company, unnecessary and costly human errors are eliminated, and the response time to market changes and customer needs is greatly reduced. 

Every enterprise in the word today can save time and money that would have been spent on fruitless efforts to sell, inform or entertain their clients. The Snatchbot platform does this efficiently, leaving the user satisfied with the interaction. 

For users:

Users on the other hand love the communication provided through the chat (yes, it can be vocal too), the real time interaction and the ease of use. This is because they can use it on the channel of their choice without having to learn a new system, and even chatbots with sophisticated functions are easy to use. It’s as easy as chatting with a friend. 

Differences between bots and apps

Apps have made peoples’ lives easier but also have several drawbacks. They cannot communicate and are not intelligent enough to be able to interact with users. This is where bots have come to fill the gap, giving apps a voice so that businesses can have 24 hour communications with their customers. 

The rise of messaging platforms like Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger has surpassed every expectation and where previously customers would have to download the app or go to the company’s web site to communicate (often pushing them away); this can now easily be done through the messaging channel with a chatbot. 

SnatchBot continues to improve the technology of chatbots

Anyone can build a sophisticated chatbot today and SnatchBot offers this service for free. Developers have launched millions of bots that offer two-way conversations, communications with individuals and teams in dialogues that are human like.

The existing features

 The chatbots can be taught to offer contextual and intelligent interactions and all this can be done across omni-channels. The data of every interaction is recorded for references and improvements. This is a complete set of skills that would have previously needed someone with programming skills to carry out. 

The new features

Every thought on enhancing the user experience went into the creation of the new interface and it now offers ease of use with its comprehensible and intuitive format with easier usability. 

The bot is now sharable in order to allow for easier collaboration with a colleague or friend and the WebChat loading speed and connection has also been optimized.

Any adjustments to the WebChat widget can now be applied immediately without needing to re-install the script. The bot keeps track as the user browses between pages, making the WebChat experience seamless.

A huge advantage is the ability to see how the WebChat widget, and all the advanced customizations included, will look live before publishing with the help of test chat.

WebChat allows the formatting of text (bold or italics) for emphasis and better user perception. 

A revamped NLP section has new and intuitive design that is totally user friendly. The same can be said about the interface of the Inbox section, which makes it easy to navigate conversations and keep in touch with customers.

The ability to minimize the main menu allows the builder of the bot to have more space to work and, editing and training the models is easy as samples can be added to the dedicated page. The long awaited feature to add samples in bulk for intent models has finally been added. 

Benezra also explained that “Our aim remains the same: to continue to seek solutions to assist more companies than ever before to transform how they do business, manage customer relationships and continue to re-invent themselves, whether they use our solutions externally or internally. “ 

The mission

With over 40,000 clients, including Vodafone, Maersk and Whirlpool, Snatchbot continues its mission to make chatbots more accessible to more enterprises, across all the business sectors, than ever before. 

 The aim is to continue to provide simple, quick and cost effective ways for companies to create, test and deploy high quality bots without needing a special infrastructure. This allows businesses to communicate with their clients around the world 24/7, in a simple conversational manner and through the channel of their choice. 

The SnatchBot platform uses machine learning to help the bots become more accurate and to better understand user intent. They have surpassed all other competition.  

Deploying a bot across a multitude of channels is just a single click away with new version 2 of SnatchBot.

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