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MSNBC Trends On Twitter After Judge In Rittenhouse Trial Barred Reporter From Courtroom
MSNBC Trends On Twitter After Judge In Rittenhouse Trial Barred Reporter From Courtroom

After Judge Bruce Schroeder banned MSNBC’s entry to the courthouse, a cable news company was the subject of discussion on social media. After a cable news producer allegedly followed the bus that carried the jurors on the previous night, the unusual decision was taken.

James J. Morrison was allegedly the person who ran a red light. He said that he was stopped by police and told to go with the bus.

Judge Schroeder indicated that no one from MSNBC will be allowed to enter the building during this trial. “This is a very serious matter and I don’t know what the ultimate truth of it is, but absolutely it would go without much thinking that someone who is following a jury bus, that is a very … that is an extremely serious matter and will be referred to the proper authorities for further action.”

NBC News released a statement saying that the freelancer involved in this incident was the one who caused it.

According to a Thursday afternoon statement from NBC News, “While the traffic violation was committed near the jury van,” a spokesperson stated that the freelancer had never contacted jurors or planned to do so during the deliberations and not photographed them. We regret this incident and we will cooperate fully with authorities in any investigation.

Professor John Watson of the American University’s School of Communication said that the decision to ban the freelancer was extreme.

Watson said to Watson on Thursday that it was a major issue for the judge to ban an entire news agency. “Yes, they should ban him and his manager from the news organisation. While I don’t have any defense, banning entire news organizations for bad acts is not something that we would like to see.

Twitter Responds

Social media users quickly took notice of the court’s decision and shared it with their friends.

The Babylon Bee, a news parody website (@TheBabylonBee), was one of those outlets to make light of it. They tweeted a fake photo captioned, “MSNBC Reporter Seen Hanging ‘The Jurors are Here’ Sign on Their Hotel.”

The noted entertainment trade publication “Kyle Rittenhouse Judge Bans MSNBC After Freelancer Gets Trafic Citations”, bans MSNBC out of Courthouse Variety (@Variety), effectively burying all facts in its tweet.

Rolling Stone (@RollingStone), had a controversial opinion. “Free Speech-Loving Fox News Is Happy That Rittenhouse Judge Banned MSNBC From The Courtroom”

Twitter was also used by multiple conservative pundits to voice their opinion.

Mercedes Schlapp, former White House Director for Strategic Communications (@mercedsschlapp), suggested that MSNBC was caught sending goons to harass jurors in high-profile court cases. They are not only refusing to disclose the truth about Kyle Rittenhouse but also going to great lengths to make sure he does not get a fair trial.

“Why is MSNBC trying to create a negative impression?” [sic]On the Rittenhouse Trial?,” Lavern spicer (@lavern_spicer), pondered.

Nick Adams (@NickAdamsinUSA), tweeted: “MSNBC should BE BANNED FROM EVERY AMERICAN JOURNAL!”

Watson was not surprised by the fact that such a reaction exists.

He added that “Social media has no rules so any news organisation is free to tweet about.” People do what they wish, even though some people make their living through social media. We must remember, however that most of these commentators aren’t journalists. What they tweet isn’t always good news.

It was noted that both conservative voices and liberals jumped on FoxNews at the same time MSNBC were being criticized. While many may think they are acting as media monitors, this is not the truth. There is no analysis missing and the purpose of this is to highlight that there was a mistake.

Watson stated, “This tends to be the tendency between people.” Watson explained that if one member of a team is causing trouble, you should try to bring down the entire team. Social media is a great place to denigrate your enemy. We see it all the time on social networks.

Some people think that turning around is fair play so it’s not surprising that they were quick to point out MSNBC through social media Thursday.

Watson stated, “Absolutely this isn’t the first MSNBC employee to make a mistake.” They hire humans, which are susceptible, so it is not surprising that they do this. FoxNews may be the next to be called.

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