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My Picks For The Top Social Media Influencers Of 2021
My Picks For The Top Social Media Influencers Of 2021

Your social media followers can tell a lot about your motivations and how you wish to live a better life. Since I will soon be publishing a book that will help us find meaning and purpose at work, we look to influencers with something to share about our lives. For this year, my picks for social media influencers of the year are people who I’m following and paying attention to the most.

1. Kristel Bauer

Kristel Bauer has become a social media guru. She posts on wellness, and she does interviews for her podcast. I joined her just recently. This is what works. Post consistently with insight.

2. Kat Norton

It’s amazing that someone can make Microsoft Excel fun and interesting. TikTok’s Kat Norton is doing just that, bringing her creativity to a tool everyone uses. She’s also a major success story of 2021, garnering mass appeal and boatloads of revenue.

3. David Crowder

David Crowder is a music artist who knows how connects with his followers. He is a prolific Instagram user, sharing funny and sometimes snarky photos. His Instagram feed often features people who do really dumb things. Crowder is a good example of the importance of knowing your audience to help you build a following.

4. Rae Ripple

It is refreshing to see an influencer actually do something and not simply post random thoughts. Rae Ripple, a welding artist and an artist, often works on bikes and shares her stories on Instagram and on other channels. 

5. Jason Feifer

One reason I like what editor and author Jason Feifer is doing on social media so much is that I’ve learned quite a bit. Particularly for entrepreneurs, his posts are informative and pertinent. He posted an in-depth post about email contact and I recall it well.

6. Mark Schaefer

If you’re trying to promote something (such as a book or a new company), Mark Schaefer posts some helpful tips and videos on his social media feeds. I loved the idea of creating an engaging video that promoted a book with only audio and graphics.

7. Daymond John

Shark understands how to reach his audience. I recall some memorable comments from him on Instagram this last year, including a very recent one: “Work life balance is not always scheduled. Sometimes you just have to steal it.”

8. Jon Acuff

Humor will keep people interested, especially when you post self-deprecating jokes. Jon Acuff is a speaker and author who shares his life to his fans.

9. Sadie Robertson Huff

Instagram is the “fun” social media platform, and Sadie Robertson Huff makes the most of the opportunity. We get a glimpse into the life of this speaker/author, but it seems like she is having fun.

10. Bob Goff

A favorite author of mine has taken to social media as a tool for good. His posts are often focused on how to achieve greater goals and not get distracted by the daily grind. He’s turning social media into an extension of his brand (and his coaching and training business).

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