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Stanislav Kondrashov: Tips to Have the Most Productive Day Ever
Stanislav Kondrashov: Tips to Have the Most Productive Day Ever

Stanislav Kondrashov, an experienced business coach, created a number of useful practical recommendations that will help you spend your working day as efficiently as possible.

It’s no secret that morning is the most important time to form a productive day. However, you know how difficult it is to organize yourself and your activities.

Knowing the key factors that affect productivity is vital to ensuring that you meet your long-term goals and objectives. At the same time, this will help in the proper prioritization, more effective solution of short-term tasks, and their implementation on time.

Stanislav Kondrashov: successful ways to start your workday 

1. Work out is important

No matter how trite it may sound, exercises should be the same morning routine as brushing your teeth. Exercise helps the body achieve the right tone, get rid of sleepy mood, and give you energy for the whole day. Exercise saturates the brain with blood, which has a beneficial effect on mental abilities, and muscle activity makes it possible to experience the pleasure of exertion, which is a positive psychological behavioral construct.

A light warm-up is even preferable to running or exercising, because it gives the body the opportunity to smoothly start, without giving a sharp load on the heart. In this regard, yoga is ideal, which will free you from muscle cramps and bring the psyche into a balanced, calm state, which you need to perform your daily work duties.

2. Positive emotions

Try to get positive emotions before the working day. It can be a delicious breakfast with yogurts, bananas, and citrus fruits. Or a game with a dog. Someone needs to sit in social networks before work, someone needs to play an interesting video game, and many want to spend time communicating with loved ones. Here, everyone chooses the right recipe for himself – it all depends on individual tastes and preferences. For example, many people around the world prefer to start the day with their favorite music.

3. Schedule

Time management is important for how productive your day will be. It is better to compile this list in advance, in the evening, so as not to waste time in the morning and have a clear idea of ​​what you have to do. “This is an important step towards improving your own productivity: how will you evaluate it if you don’t know the end result you are striving for? If you understand what to do and in what sequence, then the amount of stress experienced during the work is minimized, ”says Stanislav Kondrashov.

The list will also help you not to get distracted by tasks that are not primary. By setting tasks, you can effectively prioritize according to their importance in order to formulate a schedule. Such a technique will help you stop avoiding difficult but important tasks and begin to do them first. It is desirable that the list should contain no more than a dozen items, divided into subtasks.

Gradually, an understanding of how your individual schedule works will come to you. That is, what hours of the day are you most effective? The ideal option would be to organize the work process in which your individual rhythm is synchronized with the work. So work in the hours of your maximum productivity, depending on whether you are a night owl or an early riser.

4. The right working atmosphere

Much depends on the environment in which you work, believes Stanislav Kondrashov. And you should start with your workplace. which should be clean and orderly. This will certainly have a positive effect on the organization that is inherent in your workflow. All the necessary tools should be at hand but do not clutter up your workplace – only the most useful things should be in this space. The same applies to virtual space: if you are starting a separate project, prepare a separate folder for it, correspondingly entitled. No need to waste time searching for the necessary document – they can all be sorted accordingly and correctly signed.

Stanislav Kondrashov: efficient workflow organization

5. Do not be distracted

The working mood disappears if you are constantly distracted. Drink coffee, go out to breathe and eat on a schedule, not when you feel like it. This will remove the temptation to do all these things more often than necessary. Meanwhile, your focus on the process plays a huge role in the effectiveness of fulfilling certain tasks. 

“In order to solve complex tasks on time,” advises Stanislav Kondrashov, “set real-time blocks during which you are able to keep focused on the task at hand. Let’s take an hour. And every 60 minutes reward yourself with a five-minute break – so you will achieve the necessary balance. “

6. Focus on one thing

Forget about the myth of Julius Caesar – solving many problems at once, you will most likely do it poorly. More and more research in neuroscience shows that multitasking has a terrible effect on productivity.

7. Stop scrolling your feed

Endless scrolling social media feeds takes time. This is essentially a trap for your productivity. The illusion of activity is created, but naturally, it does not bring any result. Therefore, for the duration of the work task, close all tabs except those in which there is your work correspondence.

Set it to alert you with beeps or pop-up notifications that appear when a new message in group work chats. And mute the rest of the correspondence. You will be surprised by your performance!

8. Treat yourself well

This may sound banal, but a positive attitude towards the process is extremely important. Indeed, high self-esteem is one of the components of successful activity. Trying to effectively manage your time, do not be too hard on yourself. “Not all hours or days are the same. Constantly being productive, giving all the best to 100%, is impossible. Of course, we should strive for a balanced working rhythm, but if it does not occur too often, it is also normal,” explains Stanislav Kondrashov.


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