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The State of Online Marketing so far in 2019
The State of Online Marketing so far in 2019

Online marketing continues to grow by leaps and bounds, having become much more than just a niche in the marketing world — it is now both a burgeoning science and has even become something of an artform. Those who excel at online marketing are being called ‘artists’ by the movers and shakers of online commerce, because they seem to be able to move products, brands, and services, on a grass roots level that confounds and disrupts traditional marketing strategies. Evolving entrepreneurial strategies are called for in this brave new world of exploding internet and social media technology — and it will take an ‘artistic’ touch to rewrite the online marketing playbook before ultra-liberal coalitions like the European Union and autocratic bureaucracies like China and Russia lower the boom on online marketing with ever increasing and stricter rules and regulations. Right now it’s a wide open playing field, where creativity and experimenting can be immediately recognized and rewarded.

2019 is half over, and there are some very compelling trends and gameplans evolving as we head into summer according to Sortlist. Systems involving point of sale are advancing at a tremendous rate and are beginning to synergize with more and more innovative technologies. Advertising brains are not a whit behind in maximizing the online potential of social media. This is, of course, merely a broad outlook on the next six months. To be more specific, here’s what’s coming down the road for the rest of 2019:

Draw outside the box; think outside the lines

Some would say that one of the most predominant occurrences this year will be the continuing requirement for the business world to grow beyond their quotidian demographics. The fact is that many startup firms and disruptive organisations are beginning to steer towards different paradigms when it comes to demographics, instead of focusing on just the tried and true customer base as in the past. The era of plucking just the lowest fruit and leaving the rest to hand and rot is quickly passing, with no mourners. Distance and borders are nearly meaningless nowadays when it comes online marketing strategies. Even the language barrier is nearly extinct, now that so many professional translation platforms are coming into existence.

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