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16 Must-Listen Business Podcasts
16 Must-Listen Business Podcasts

How do you keep up to speed on what’s happening in business? Do you scan the Twitters, read your RSS feeds, or watch the news? For me it’s a combination of all of those things, though I will admit watching the news has become a rarity as I find current news in so many other forms. Following current news is great, but I find myself wanting something more. I want those inspiring ideas from thought leaders, jaw dropping debates on real business problems, and open discussions on what is changing in business. Sure, I can read the latest blog posts on those topics and I do, but I still want some entertainment value that a blog post struggles to deliver. I’m finding myself turning to podcasts to fill the void and I don’t think I’m alone.

I love podcasts because I can take them anywhere. I download them to my phone and listen when I’m traveling, while I’m working, and even while I’m working out. The convenience factor can’t be beat. I was curious to find out what business podcasts top the lists as favorites for Social Media Explorer authors, so I asked. We’ve compiled a list of some of our personal favorites below and given you a little insight into why we love them so much.

Entrepreneur on Fire

Hosted by: John Lee Dumas

Recommended by: Nichole Kelly

John Lee Dumas knows what fire is all about. He interviews some of the most notorious and on the rise entrepreneurs in business, every day. That’s right, he publishes an episode every single day of the week. His podcast focuses on hearing the story behind the entrepreneur, how they generated success and what tips they have for other entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur myself, Entrepreneur on Fire is my go to podcast and the one that I look forward the most. While I don’t listen every day, it is the first on my listen to download while I’m on the go.

Listen In: http://www.entrepreneuronfire.com/

Six Pixels of Separation

Hosted by: Mitch Joel

Recommended by: Nichole Kelly

Mitch Joel has long been respected in digital marketing as a true visionary in the space. His podcast focuses on bringing some of the greatest minds to the table to discuss important topics in digital marketing, inspiring debates and everything you need to know to stay abreast on what’s happening and more importantly what’s coming next.

Listen In: http://www.twistimage.com/podcast/

Marketing Over Coffee

Hosted by: Chris Penn and John Wall

Recommended by: Nichole Kelly

All of my great ideas come over coffee and I guess I’m not alone! Marketing Over Coffee is hosted by Chris Penn and John Wall where they share what’s new in marketing in bit-sized chunks that are designed to be consumed with a good cup of Joe and a nice slice of coffee cake. They talk about everything from new technology to informational interviews with industry leaders.

Listen In: http://www.marketingovercoffee.com/

Marketing Smarts

Hosted by: Kerry O’Shea Gorgone of MarketingProfs

Recommended by: Nichole Kelly

Marketing Smarts is exactly what you’d expect. Guests talk about marketing strategy, social media, personal branding, and more. Each episode features a 30-minute interview with a different marketing expert. Some guests are CMOs, some are CEOs, others are authors or well known bloggers. All offer a valuable perspective on how to succeed in the industry.

Listen In: http://marketingprofs.com/podcasts

The Entrepreneur’s Radio Show

Hosted by: Travis Jenkins

Recommended by: Nichole Kelly

I found this podcast after I participated in an interview. Since then, I’ve grown to love the great entrepreneurial stories and business tips the guests provide. Travis does a great job of exposing each entrepreneur’s inner rock star in a way that others can learn from. The combination of personal stories and insights into their business acumen is more than entertaining, it’s useful for growing a business. Full disclosure – Travis and I hit it off so much that two of his companies have since become clients of Social Media Explorer | SME Digital.

Listen In: http://theentrepreneursradioshow.com/#

HBR IdeaCast

Hosted by: Sarah Green, Harvard Business Review

Recommended by: Nichole Kelly

Personally, I love to keep up with what the Harvard Business Review finds interesting in business. I used their case studies during my MBA program at Loyola College of Maryland and fell in love with the way they present ideas for debate. I feel smarter every time I listen and it helps to open new areas of business and management that are worth thinking about.

Listen In: http://blogs.hbr.org/ideacast/

Social Triggers Insider

Hosted by: Derek Halpern

Recommended by: Nichole Kelly

What I love about Derek Halpern’s podcast is that he only publishes an episode when he has something really profound to say. There are some that may argue that frequency is key, but Derek makes sure that quality information is at the center. He publishes 3-4 episodes a year and makes sure they are worth it. The content focuses on everything from generating more leads to making big decisions.

Listen In: http://socialtriggers.com/category/social-triggers-insider/

eBook Ninjas

Hosted by: Joshua Tallent, Toby Stevenson, Chris Casey

Recommended by: Marc A. Pitman

eBook Ninjas talks about everything e-publishing. If you are an author, want to be an author or just want to know what’s happening in the publishing world this is the podcast for you. They cover new ereaders, formats, sales ideas, conferences. It’s a great one stop shop for getting up to speed on the latest in ebooks.

Listen In: http://ebookninjas.com/

Inside PR

Hosted by: Gini Detrich, Joseph Thornley and Martin Waxman

Recommended by: Marc A. Pitman

The brainchild of  Terry Fallis & David Jones, Inside PR does exactly what you’d expect. Each episode dives deep into what is happening in PR, what trends are important, and the big questions PR professionals are facing.

Listen In: http://www.insidepr.ca/

350 Third

Hosted by: Anders Brownworth, Scott Barstow

Recommended by: Marc A. Pitman

350 Third covers “the impact of the Internet on business.” I have been a fan of Anders Brownworth for years. He’s an extremely early, early adopter. And he’s got an ability to describe really techie things in normal English. This podcast is incredibly informative and at one 20-30 minute episode every other week, it’s easy to stay current with.

Listen In: http://350Third.com/

Eventual Millionaire

Hosted by: Jaime Tardy

Recommended by: Marc A. Pitman

Each week, Jaime interviews millionaires like Tim Ferris, Yanik Silver, and Briana Borten. I love the way she gets them to talk about their diverse experiences. And that she always ends with asking them for “one action” listeners can take this week. Very actionable and inspiring.

Listen In: http://www.eventualmillionaire.com/blog/millionaire-case-studies/

Your Grand Idea

Hosted by: Todd Skaggs and Kevin Carter

Recommended by: Lewis Bertolucci, Social Media Director, Humana

This podcast is great for businesses of any size, but especially for small businesses who aren’t marketing geniuses. Each week the hosts discuss a single idea “that must meet the 3 P’s: Possible for ANY business to use, Proven – no concepts, must be an actual promotion with results, Profitable – must have delivered at least $1000 to the bottom line.” Great ideas and tips for businesses that have actually worked for others.

Listen In: http://www.yourgrandidea.com/podcasts/

The SoLoMo Show

Hosted by: Cory O’Brien & Adam Helweh

Recommended by: Adam Helweh

The SoLoMo show discusses topics, trends, tactics and tools related to social, local, and mobile marketing and advertising. Why do you love it? Well …. besides the fact that I am a co-host, I believe we cover things from a little bit different angle. The show is always a blend of technology, marketing and advertising. We break down the things that matter for those that don;t have the time to stay current on how the latest change to a social network might help them or trends in mobile advertising that they need to look out for. We’ve got their back.

Listen In: www.solomoshow.com

The Friday Hangout

Hosted by: Janet Fouts, Adam Helweh, Steve Farnsworth

Recommended by: Adam Helweh

The Friday Hangout focuses on digital marketing, social media marketing, PR, branding. I think we have one of the funniest podcasts out there on digital and social marketing. We have awesome expert guests (guest list) join us each week. The dynamic of having 3 hosts and a guest every episode makes for an engaging show. Lastly, we inject a ton of humor and fun into the show so the show is very upbeat and entertaining in addition to being informative.

Listen In: www.thefridayhangout.com

The Friday Five

Hosted by: Tom Webster

Recommended by: Kerry O’Shea Gorgone

When your mind needs a bit of a rest and pure fun try The Friday Five which is focused on “Music DNA” where guests share life experiences relating to each of five different songs. It’s like hearing how they chose the soundtrack for their personal story. The Friday Fun is pure fun for me. Listening to each episode is like sitting down for a beer a new friend and getting their life story. Many of the guests are well known social media professionals, and the listeners probably connect with them online, which makes it even more fun to hear guests share personal anecdotes relating to each of five songs.

Listen In: http://thefridayfive.com

The Work Talk Show

Hosted by: DJ Waldow and Nick Westergaard

Recommended by: Kerry O’Shea Gorgone

The Work Talk Show is about work, productivity, office dynamics, location-independent work, career strategy, work/life balance, and more. The hosts bring their own humor and perspective to each episode, and they invite smart, interesting guests who broke out of the cubicle to build their ideal career. There are as many different paths to professional success as there are people, so each episode is different.

Listen In: http://worktalkshow.com

This is far from an all-inclusive list. What’s your favorite business podcast? Share a comment with the podcast and tell us why. Let’s create the biggest list of awesome business podcasts on the web together! While you’re free to tell us about your own podcast, the best recommendations come from your listeners. So listeners, give your favorites some love and tell us about them. 

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