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3 Tools That Will Boost Your Social Media ROI
3 Tools That Will Boost Your Social Media ROI

Social media has long produced amazing marketing results for companies across just about every industry and from all over the world. Nonetheless, many who try duplicating these results quickly become frustrated. Is social media success a matter of luck or is there a reliable way to boost your ROI?

Companies that succeed with social media leverage tools that automate much of the process while providing personalization capabilities that scale. These tools increase their ROI by producing the results they want while limiting overhead. Here are three marketing automation platforms that will support your company’s social media goals.

1. Salesforce Will Ensure You Hear Your Market and Respond Immediately

Salesforce is so much more than just software that facilitates transactions. For example, the Salesforce Social Studio product can be used to analyze conversations about your company that are taking place over social media channels. Without social listening tools like Social Studio, this would be an extremely time-consuming task.

Fortunately, you can collect feedback received from your social accounts and even segment this information by topic and trend from one convenient dashboard. This kind of ear-to-the-ground feature also makes it easy to respond to your social media following. Thanks to Salesforce’s machine-learning capabilities, feedback is automatically routed to the appropriate party within your company so they can respond right away.

If you have struggled in the past to maintain your editorial calendar, Salesforce is the solution. Manage the creation of content—including any collaboration necessary—and then use built-in social marketing tools to boost those posts that do especially well. These are great tools that businesses can leverage to generate leads from their social media following. Once those leads are created, marketing automation software can be used to deliver the right message to each individual at the right stage in their buying cycle.

2. GetResponse Will Help You Share Your Content and Deliver Sales

Another really effective way to increase the ROI of your social media strategy is by using an email marketing platform, like GetResponse, to deliver personalized email autoresponders to subscribers. Use GetResponse’s completely customizable web form to turn your followers into subscribers. It literally takes just a few clicks to set up and begin reaping the rewards.

Once you’ve leveraged your social media audience to grow your email subscriber list, you are ready to start delivering emails that generate significant ROI. GetResponse allows you to dynamically create email segments based on which social media channel a subscriber came from and deliver content that is personalized to each subscriber on a one-to-one basis.

3. RJMetrics Will Provide Objectivity to Your ROI

One of the biggest challenges with making the most out of social media is how difficult it is to understand what you are truly spending on each lead you generate. Without this objective measurement, even successful social media efforts are going to suffer from some unnecessary spending.

RJMetrics is a user-friendly platform that takes care of this often-complicated process. It will show you the customer lifetime value of your social media leads broken down by which channel was the source. The tool does this automatically, so you no longer need to schedule quarterly reviews to decide which platforms are still worth the investment. Just continuously run RJMetrics throughout the year and you will clearly see where your company’s social media presence is having the biggest impact. For example, you might receive more leads through Facebook, but the ones you gain from LinkedIn are actually worth significantly more. By using RJMetrics, you will know that LinkedIn deserves more attention and will increase your ROI by doing so.

Do Not Rely Solely on Social Media Tools to Drive Results

While there is no shortage of software that is designed specifically for social media purposes, platforms made for sales and marketing can be even more advantageous. Begin leveraging these powerful tools to attract and convert leads through social media and your ROI will grow and be a lot easier to measure.

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