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4 Ways to Make Money On Instagram
4 Ways to Make Money On Instagram

With over one billion users, Instagram is a powerful platform that reaches across the world. Making its start as a simple photo-sharing app being used between friends, Instagram has gone on to become one of the largest commercial markets. From professional photography offerings to innovative products, there is no limit to what you can find on the platform.

Millions of business owners and individuals are using this unique platform to bring attention to their products and services. From freelance writers to drop shippers, many enterprises are harnessing the selling power of Instagram.

So, how can you take advantage of the money-making power of Instagram? There are a few avenues for you to follow. If you are looking to make some extra money, you can always look for Payday lenders in Canada and get on board with a winning Instagram account. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can make money with your Instagram account.

Become an Affiliate

You don’t have to have your own product or service to offer to make a profit on Instagram. By becoming a sales affiliate at companies like CJ Affiliate or Amazon, you can make money by selling someone else’s products. Affiliates make money by sharing specialized links on their Instagram page that link to products. If a user clicks that link rerouting them to a product page where they make a purchase, the affiliate will make a commission. This means that you are essentially acting as a route of advertising for another company. If you have an Instagram account with a large following, you can make good money from being an affiliate partner.

Become an Influencer

Qualifying as an “influencer” on Instagram requires you to amass a decent following. Anywhere from a few hundred to over 20,000 followers could mean that you have reached influencing status. Being an influencer simply means that you have many people who follow your page and value your opinion. You can turn this power into profit with a bit of work. By advertising, recommending, and reviewing services and products on your page that you have partnered with. To maintain your influencer status, you must create a strong brand and trust with your audience. 

Sell Your Photos

Instagram is all about visual content, making it the perfect place to sell your photos. If you are an amateur or professional photographer or artist, you can reach a wide audience by posting your products on Instagram. With the proper lighting and presentation, you can make money by selling your drawings, paintings, or photographs on this vast platform. 

Sell Your Own Products

Millions of craftspeople have found that Instagram has been an excellent platform for their product advertisement. With professional-quality photos of your products like crafts, handmade jewelry, and homemade candles, you can introduce millions of users to the items that you have for sale. Setting up an Instagram shop is quick and easy and gives you an excellent place to make money from your own creations.

With over one billion users visiting Instagram daily, it makes sense to harness the power of this platform to help you make some extra money. Try one of these strategies today to start making money from your Instagram account.

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