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7 Exclusive Tips to Improve Your Instagram Feed
7 Exclusive Tips to Improve Your Instagram Feed

Your Instagram feed is your profile on Instagram. It is the visual language of your account that convinces others to follow you or take your desired action. The appearance of your grid on your feed will determine whether people follow your account. Instagram trends in 2019 show that the most attractive and unique accounts receive more attention and have more followers than those that are simply plain. Your feed should be cohesive, consistent and have an attractive filter. It is these and other factors that you should work on to improve your account’s feed. Here are seven exclusive tips to assist you to improve your feed.


  • Identify a Theme and Stick to It


Choosing the right theme for your account should be the first step towards working improving your feed. This, of course, depends on what you want your feed to appear, and the message you want it to communicate. You can choose from a plain white color, a tropical theme, vintage, a mix of color or just a plain background. This theme should be consistent with the type of content you intend to post or reflect the nature of your brand. If you are not sure of the theme to use, you can check out an account that posts the same content as you intend to post and borrow ideas from the same.  


  • Choose a Unique Grid Layout


After you have decided on the theme to utilize, choose a grid that will help you to organize your feed. You do not just post photos, but you plan on the design your photos should bring out. The grid you choose will come in handy for this purpose. There are about six types of grids in Instagram that you can choose from. Consider the photos you intend to post to guide you on which grid you should use on your Instagram feed.


  • Be Consistent with Your Filters


Not every photo you take will appear perfect for posting on your feed as it is. You need to use the filters available on Instagram to make your photos look more appealing. If you want your photos to appear consistent and well organized, identify a few particular filters and stick to them. You can play around with those filters and the pictures you intend to post to curate your feed into your desired taste. A consistent feed tends to tell a story and is more appealing than one that keeps on changing abruptly. You really don’t have to use several filters. You can even identify one unique filter and use it entirely on your posts.


  • Be Consistent with the Your Posts


The pictures of images you post will depend on the type of your account. Whether you have a personal or a business account, it is important that you be consistent with the photos you post. If you have posts that are consistently outdoor, then it would be a good idea if you maintain that consistency. There are times when you’d capture something really interesting but which doe not marry with your usual posts. For a personal account, you can deviate once in a while if you really have to. However, if it is a business account, you need to maintain that consistency to avoid losing some of your followers.


  • Schedule Your Posts


Scheduling is especially important for a business account. Do not just splash posts at random. You need to create some expectation in your existing followers and those you want to attract. Having a schedule and knowing the best time to post will significantly improve your feed and grow the number of followers in your account. Learn to use Instagram analytics to know when your followers will best interact with your posts.


  • Set Aside Time to Plan and organize Your Feed


Being a social media platform, its bound to change from time to time with emerging trends. It is for this reason that you need to at least set aside some time and work on your account. Check if all the posts agree with your theme, design and your business. Check emerging trends and try and level up your account to match up or exceed the standards of other popular accounts.


  • Always Check the Background of Your Posts


People tend to ignore or forget what is in the background especially when taking random photos. Even when you do, when it comes to posting your photos, be mindful of what is in the background. It can either ruin or make your photos and by extension your feed.

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